The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part52)

Obama points finger at ‘both sides’ for peace impasse |  Times of Israel

What are we to make of this?

Not sure? Then let’s all look on the dark side for a moment; let’s imagine the very worst-case scenario that this development could represent.

OK. Israelis and Palestinians appear, of late, to have royally pissed off the US administration and to very much a marked extent. This must also be the case for the long-suffering American taxpayer. He (and she), rightly or wrongly, may be of the opinion that his(her) tax dollars are being siphoned off, year after year, to underpin what, at best, is an unending saga of conflict between two diametrically opposed ideologies or, at worst, a cynical ploy to redirect the maximum of Uncle Sam’s financial largesse into certain anonymous Swiss banks accounts.

If the goose that lays the golden eggs were to suddenly stop laying them, what then for the recipients of these ever so desirable US exports?

Would the situation become even more desperate than it already is?

Would such a cessation in funding force a complete reappraisal of what’s going on, promoting a more hard-nosed and sober reassessment of the entire state of play?

Or would each side take more than considerable pains to demonstrate their absolute commitment to peace and earnest desire to put an end to all hostilities? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

An act of desperation?

A sober reassessment of the entire situation?

A more than absolute commitment to peace?

The desire for an end to all hostilities?

It would be most interesting to see if this would then reopen purse strings now closed to all other means of release. And the entertainment value alone might easily suffice to provide for just such a reinstatement.


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