The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part73)

‘In his first public comments since talks ended, Indyk said Thursday that although the two sides showed “flexibility” it was clear they “do not feel the pressing need to make the gut-wrenching compromises necessary to achieve peace.” ‘

Senior Israeli official slams Indyk’s ‘hypocrisy’ | The Times of Israel

Gut-wrenching or not, compromises do not always achieve the desired result and, in the case of the Palestinians and Israelis, such actions have never given much cause to believe that they will.

Then let’s do away with compromises altogether. Why not deal much more directly and robustly with these problems? Trying to creep up on them in a slow and ponderously painful manner is doing no good at all. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Here the matter can be finally settled in a fashion acceptable to everyone. Everyone, that is, but the most die-hard of fanatics. And these can easily be countered by elements contained within the concept itself.

Thus 66 years of conflict come to an end. No compromises required, no territorial concessions or deals to be made. It just stops stone cold dead in its tracks. The current status quo is then finished and a new one takes over in its place. And the universal expectation from thereon in is for peace to supplant conflict as the primary instigator of change and better fortune in every day that follows.

Could it really be any more beneficial for all concerned?

And we are ALL sufficiently concerned about this, are we not?


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