The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part76)

‘IDF out of funds, senior official reportedly says’

‘As crisis over budget comes to a head, military claims it needs ‘billions of shekels’ to stay afloat’

IDF out of funds, senior official reportedly says | The Times of Israel

As the saying has it, there is nothing more certain in this life than death and taxes. And in this case, it would appear that the lack of one may well have a very detrimental effect on the other.

I seem to recall a statistic from the the Vietnam War era where, at one point, it had been calculated that, in overall terms, it was costing the Unites States treasury something like 0.9 million dollars to account for a single Vietcong soldier. I wonder what just such a ratio might be today in respect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 66 years can rack up a lot of dead bodies in warfare but the maintenance costs of an around-the-clock defence, with the occasional full-scale battle thrown in, must, by now, have surpassed even those of Vietnam style levels.

What if a far cheaper alternative could be put in place, one where such prodigious expenditure might be scaled right back to almost zero, thereby causing the long-suffering taxpayers of this world, dare I say it, some expectation of a substantial refund as a result?  Or, at the very least, a more than generous reduction in future tax assessments.

Or can it be that certain people simply enjoy paying their taxes too much, deriving some masochistic pleasure from being continually parted from their hard-won cash?

It can be a crazy world sometimes. And it seems to be getting even crazier with the passing of each new day. So why don’t we all do something that seems really crazy and then find out where it takes us? – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

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