The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part77)

‘Kerry, Abbas to reportedly discuss resuming peace talks’

‘Palestinian official says PA president, secretary of state to meet in London Wednesday in last ditch effort to restore negotiations’

Kerry, Abbas to reportedly discuss resuming peace talks | The Times of Israel

Is this a new lease of life that’s being provided for the suspended peace talks?

Is it some last desperate throw of the dice before finally consigning the entire matter to wherever it is that all those other failed negotiations have already gone?

Is it a face-saving exercise, a refusal to believe that nine months of intensive wrangling and discussion have come up with nothing and so the world must now move on, even though no one is quite sure to where?

At this point, perhaps, it should be realised that, for any real progress to be made in light of such hesitant deliberations, an additional factor must enter into the equation. This would provide for much more certainty of purpose, a dynamic for which the instability and conflicted nature of further meetings on the subject could hold no fears. Only the belief in total conquest over so many misgivings and doubts would then have dominion in all aspects of whatever else takes place. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

In such a manner, we would all know where we were going at long last.

And that, in itself, must be a form of progress, an acknowledgement that fate has been ever ours to command, never just a destiny to be endured.







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