The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part83)

‘2 Palestinian teens killed in Nakba Day clashes’

‘As sirens mark 66 years since 1948 war, Netanyahu accuses Palestinians of calling for Israel’s destruction ‘nonstop’ ‘

2 Palestinian teens killed in Nakba Day clashes | The Times of Israel

This is all so depressingly familiar. No one, and that includes the US, UN, EU and every other major power bloc in the world, seems able to call time on this constant drip-drip of violence and death. After 66 years, the very real danger is that this has become an all too commonplace event, an accepted part of life in the region and no longer a surprise to anyone.

Then why not create conditions under which the ‘surprise’ factor is magnified to levels far higher than anything ever before encountered?  –  ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

If the measures detailed here are adopted as the standard response to all incidents of aggression emanating from the conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute must rapidly reverse direction and morph into an ever so cautious cat-and-mouse game rather than that of a knock-down, drag out fight to the finish. Which would certainly make a welcome change from the ways in which these matters have been conducted in the past.

cat and mouse 245x300 And The Cat and Mouse Game Continues



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