The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part88)

‘Clip purports to show unarmed Palestinians shot by IDF’

‘2 youths were killed after Nakba Day clashes had subsided, NGO footage ostensibly shows; army says film edited to distort events’

Clip purports to show unarmed Palestinians shot by IDF | The Times of Israel

This a scene so familiar that its impact, although very graphic, will soon merge into the general background of this decades-old conflict and there it must stay, serving only to further alienate other young men towards Israeli policies and actions in the occupied territories/ West Bank/Judea and Samaria.

It will also, undoubtedly, add to the worldwide impression that Israel is losing the plot in all these encounters and can only react to them in a formulaic and utterly predictable fashion. It’s as if the cleverest people on the planet haven’t got the brains to tackle a problem that continues to harass and defeat them time after time, year in, year out.

Come on, Israelis. Stop spinning your wheels; you need to get with the program and realise that all the guns and bullets, rubber or otherwise, just aren’t going to be enough to save you in the end.

How about starting to THINK the problem through instead of continually fighting with it? If you are, indeed, the Chosen People, it wasn’t your good looks that made you so. Something else must have appealed to the deity you profess to honour and worship. So don’t leave it until forever to demonstrate whatever it was that Jehovah/Allah/Krishna or Whoever originally saw in the tribe. . – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

There are just so many chances you get to fumble the ball. After that, suspicion grows that your only real interest lies in throwing the game.

And that will earn you no brownie points at all with either G-d or Man..

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