The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part89)


‘When the usually understated Benny Gantz sounds the alarm over budget cuts and cancels reserves training, it might be worth paying attention’

In the chief of staff’s warnings, bitter memories of 2006 | The Times of Israel

 It looks like some people might be in the market for a much cheaper defence system.

How about one that costs zero bucks, has the most massive deterrent power imaginable and even its offensive capabilities are truly second to none? Knocks Iron Dome, M-75, Arrow 2, Fajr-5, David’s Sling into a cocked hat.
There are some minor drawbacks however. It’s omni-directional. Can attack either side or defend at one and the same time. It has multi-user capability, can be programmed and controlled even by those not directly involved in conflict. Has no recall mechanism; works on a ‘fire and forget’ basis, no self-destruct and target acquisition is completely automatic. A ‘love-hate’ relationship is expected to develop in those against whom it might be directed. And its ‘payload’ increases exponentially if the battle in which it is deployed continues to rage.

All in all, a weapon not unlike nuclear ones in many respects. It can be held in reserve but, since its ‘destructive’ potential is so great even though it exists only as a ‘virtual’ reality and has no physical presence whatsoever, its use would be one best avoided at all times. And at a cost that might very well require making some sort of long-term peace deal with those on the ‘other’ side. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’


Deal or No Deal

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