The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part91)

Top US diplomat is currently busy with other crises, according to his spokesperson; Washington is waiting for fresh ideas

Kerry won’t reveal framework peace plan, official says | The Times of Israel

If Washington is in need of fresh ideas, then why not try this one?

It costs virtually nothing to set up, an end result is guaranteed and everyone comes away a winner in the process, something none of us had ever thought possible, not even in the wildest of our dreams.¬†– ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

In fact, why don’t we all address the entire matter in exactly this fashion and get the whole thing over and done with once and for all? It would be a far better result than allowing the problem to drag on and on until the very end of time – ¬†which seems to be where it’s headed if nothing but old and conventional wisdom is always allowed to dominate the issues.

Doing battle when your very survival is dependent upon denying territory to the ‘enemy’ is a worthy enough cause, no matter who undertakes it. But if the opposite becomes true and that ‘enemy’ is then materially aided and abetted by such actions, a massive rethink and rejection of the status quo must be the very first of several items on everyone’s ‘to do’ list.

The Laxian Key may seem like taking a sledgehammer to crack open a extremely tough nut.

But, if this nut has developed a particularly hard shell, one that has managed to defy to all other means of access to it over time, such a venture might be the only course of action still left open to us, the one real chance remaining for a very successful outcome to what would otherwise have been been a long, arduous and pointless journey.

Sometimes the learning curve here might seem to have no end in sight. It is then that imagination and resolve must take us forward, reaching towards a finality that delivers some purpose and understanding to all that has gone before.




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