The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part92)


‘US lawmakers vote to double funding for Iron Dome’

‘Despite White House veto threat, House passes $600 billion defense act, including an extra $175 million for Israeli missile defense program’

US lawmakers vote to double funding for Iron Dome | The Times of Israel

$600 billion! That is a considerable sum of money. But, from times long past, the sinews of war have tended to command quite a hefty price and, in the current fiscal year, no exception to this iron rule seems at all likely. And next year? The assumption must be that $600 billion will look paltry by comparison, a mere pittance in relation to whatever amount has then to be extracted from the public purse.

It might therefore be to everyone’s advantage if significant savings could be made in so vast a military budget, lesser clones of which now exist almost everywhere in what is termed the ‘civilised’ world. And in not a few uncivilised parts of it as well. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Here we have what is essentially a defence-in-depth mechanism, a deterrent existing only in a virtual reality setting but possessed of features not present in weapons now long associated with that role. It can be easily configured, pressed into service at a moment’s notice and then activated with a degree of equanimity never thought possible with what equivalent alternatives are already in place today.

And, since this would be a purely mental construct without any overtly physical aspect in its design, no exorbitant costs would be needed to fund its creation, its deployment and use.

Could this then be the next evolutionary stage in modern warfare? The simulation of conflict rather than its actual enactment?

Taking this thought process just one step further might well see an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all.

And many others in much the same category.

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