The complete idiot’s guide to MidEast peace (part96)

‘Acceptance of Jewish state will bring peace, PM tells pope’

‘Francis at Yad Vashem calls Holocaust greatest evil in history; calls for greater interfaith dialogue atop Temple mount and inserts note in Western Wall; roads closed throughout capital during pontiff’s whirlwind tour’

Acceptance of Jewish state will bring peace, PM tells pope | The Times of Israel

This may well prove to be the case and I imagine that much the same goes for the acceptance of a Palestinian state as well.

But how is such a process to start? Where does one begin with this type of recognition? In the situation as it stands, all sorts of people would be offended by the idea while others might well be minded to create problems of the most severe kind. These would then lead to wholesale abandonment of the venture and a return to that ever familiar status quo.

Who would take the first step? And the second? Then the third? How could the sequence be maintained in the face of so much opposition, fear and resentment? That has always been the underlying difficulty with all peace initiatives here.There is nothing to sustain any of them, not even if one were to become agreed policy between the two sides. So easily can the process be disrupted that prospects for its continuance must always remain hostage to the vagaries of whatever turns up in tomorrow’s headlines.

This may be the real reason why no progress has ever been made in all the years that have gone by. No guarantee of security or freedom from occupation can be made if the future cannot be controlled by the present

But what procedure could be established that would provide an arrangement so stable that events still to take place would in no way prejudice the end result  – one which delivers a final status settlement? . – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

This locks down the conflict for a set period of time during which any aggressive moves made by either side will be subject to penalties so fearful and draconian that all thought of active conflict will have vanished entirely from the scene. Thus, in creating this type of groundwork for a sustainable peace agreement, a role, both pivotal and unifying, emerges to become that solid, central pillar of support so necessary for any lasting and worthwhile outcome in the days ahead..

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