The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace (part97)

‘Pope: Peres, Abbas have ‘courage to move forward’ ‘

‘On return flight from Israel after 3-day regional tour, pontiff praises Israeli, Palestinian Authority presidents’

Pope: Peres, Abbas have ‘courage to move forward’ | The Times of Israel

Peres and Abbas may well have the ‘courage’ to move forward but it’s not at all clear if they know how. But then, does anyone know?

Just how do you move forward when almost everything in a situation conspires to send you backwards? Unless some as yet undisclosed epiphany has taken place among Palestinians and Israelis in general, it is hard to see what will have changed to enable any movement along a course that is other than a negative one.

This fulsome praise for both presidents seems only to confirm that hope can still triumph over experience and the power of prayer may have  more going for it than current circumstances would normally allow.

But, if prayer can now determine the progress and direction of peace, what, I wonder, will be the effect of this on Palestinians and Israelis?

A sudden realisation of the many errors that their respective ways have caused and a determination to make amends at the earliest opportunity?

A true understanding and wholehearted acceptance of the other side’s point of view?

A dawning conviction that things are just not how they should be and the path taken so long ago must be redirected towards another destination?

Then it could be that prayer was the answer all along. Especially if gives us the courage to directly challenge the bigger problems that we face. – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’







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