The complete idiot’s guide to Mideast peace (part98)

‘Israel reportedly adopting pro-settler study’

‘Government embracing some provisions of report that recommended relaxing settlement building restrictions’

Israel reportedly adopting pro-settler study | The Times of Israel

Israel may be thinking of adopting some of this report but just how much of that adoption is the rest of the world prepared to accept? The probability must be very little if anything at all.

But it does raise a question. What would that same world be willing to actively consider as being unquestionably a part of Israel, be that part Ersatz Israel, the settlements by themselves or even both?  And with all the rights and privileges than such universal acknowledgement confers?

Here is one solution dealing with what has long been a very persistent problem – ‘ for those of us with better things to do.’

Here the matter is decided upon by the abandonment (or retention) of a whole spectrum of aggressive moves traditionally reserved for use by either of the two sides. The net result would produce a much higher standard in behaviour all round, a most marked reluctance to engage in violent altercation and an absolute confidence in furthering the cause of peace and all else that must follow such a course of action.

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