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The Contradictory Paths of Inclusion

On October 7, the Islamist militant group Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, killed more than 1,200 people in Israel in an unprecedented and completely unprovoked attack. It’s ironic to note that the victims from the kibbutz as well as the kids from the rave were Israel’s equivalent of the hard left. The victims were excruciatingly tortured, raped, beheaded even burnt in ovens by Hamas terrorists.

Despite the inconceivably heinous crimes that were recorded on footage from call recordings, security cameras, terrorists’ body cameras, victim dashboard cameras, Hamas and victims’ social media accounts, and cellphone videos, taken by the terrorists themselves, as well as by victims and first responders, the denial is unbelievably rampant and gaining traction. On October 7 when this nightmare was unleashed, over 240 hostages were taken, and we saw again via videos, the terrorists proudly displaying their treatment of the captives: Women brutally raped, paraded around town while being beaten and spit on by hundreds of subhuman savages. Videos of young men with their hands tied behind their backs with a look of fear in their eyes that can’t even be described. Only G-d knows what these poor souls endured to have looked so haunted. Videos of kids no older than 8 who were being poked and prodded by kids approximately the same age as them. The same Israeli kids emerged in videos a few days later looking hungry, lacking sleep, under dressed, barefooted and very frightened.

As of October 8, we Jews have to reckon with a new reality. The universities a supposed bastion of intellectual life and morality have exposed themselves as just the opposite, a morally repugnant breeding ground for Jew hatred, which has been going on for decades. After we stood shoulder to shoulder with left wing activists, students, and professors to help amplify their social justice issues, they promptly turned their backs on us.

Meanwhile, our government has been infiltrated by terrorist sympathizers from the halls of Congress to the office of the DHS and everywhere in between. The latter refusing to condemn the genocidal organization that carried out the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust. These Hamas sympathizers are calling the slaughter of concert goers and innocent civilians, as well as their abduction of over 240 captives, 30 of whom are children, CHILDREN, under the age of 16, a celebration, and a credible mode of resistance to the occupation.

Inhumanely, while we were still counting the bodies of our dead, Hamas, a terrorist organization, continued to receive support from many in the western world. This is truly mind numbing. These supporters are actively inciting hatred and violence against Jewish men, women and children across America. This standing army of psychologically manipulated people are putting Jews in harms way.

Another shocking silence comes from feminists. After seeing Hamas’s monstrous rape culture on display in one of the most publicized attacks in recent history, these feminists who we have stood hand in hand with on various issues, have remained silent. At public rallies there have been calls to f** jewish mothers, kids and grandmothers, and bystanders appeared to laugh at this vile verbal vomit. What happened to silence is consent? In 2014, 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped. Michelle Obama launched a social media campaign appropriately named “bring back our girls,” like millions of other people I reposted that tag line. Now that over 240 victims, 30 of whom are Jewish children are being held hostage, hipsters, communists and Muslims alike, the green red alliance are appallingly ripping down posters of children. Children who we have no information on. Are they cold, hungry, abused, are they getting medical attention? This isn’t a political statement, it’s a humanitarian concern!

These people are real and they are being held hostage, and there’s a complete lack of concern from the Red Cross, the United Nations, and the governments to whom these people belong. Now let’s tackle safe spaces, a place where one can fully self express, without fear of being uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged on account of biological sex, race, cultural background or ethnicity. Unless of course you’re a Jewish student, in which case you’re told to hide out in a locked school library or take shelter in an attic by guards attempting to protect you from a mob of pro-Hamas students outside.

Diversity is our strength as long as you’re not Jewish. NEVER AGAIN, words we have repeated millions of times since the holocaust, are clearly empty words. The dehumanization of Jews is not only tolerated, it is encouraged by those who claim self righteous indignation. The logical conclusion is physical assaults on Jewish people. Once again, blood libels and Nazi like propaganda, that Jews constitute a “problem” that needed to be solved, are de rigeur. Conventional wisdom assumes that if something akin to a holocaust were to happen again, G-D Forbid, Americans and other good people would raise their voices against the atrocities. However, after the full extent of the October 7 atrocities are coming to light, a thick layer of prejudice has shown that the jews have once again been abandoned. Like the claws in the teeth of a predator, Jews are fair game once again. The conclusion is that Woke “morality” is really just intolerant tyrants looking to oppress certain groups, motivated by envy and power. Same old tropes, different generation. Jews are not welcome.

Linda Argalgi Sadacka, CEO of the NYC Jewish Council, is a noted community organizer and social media influencer.@lindaadvocate

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Linda Sadacka is a prominent political activist and community leader, renowned for her influential social media platform @lindaadvocate. Her advocacy, sparked by the tragic murder of a close friend by Hamas, has led her to become the CEO of the New York Jewish Council where she addresses significant Jewish community issues. Separately, she founded Moms on a Mitzvah, a 501(c)(3) charity focused on charitable works and community support. Linda's political endeavors include organizing forums with lawmakers and Nobel laureates, while her charitable initiatives leverage her skills in social media to engage broader audiences. Honored as a Woman of Distinction in 2022 by Senator Felder, Linda continues to drive her vision of a just and compassionate society through distinct avenues of public engagement and community support.
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