Never Again?

It’s a sight I never thought I’d see in my lifetime– Jewish children cowering from an angry, seething, rabid mob.

These are images from decades past– Jewish boys having their sidecurls yanked.

They are images from the Holocaust, from the days of pogroms– Jewish girls screaming in fear as rocks are thrown at them.

Because they are Jews.

They are images from April 22, 2014.

In Israel.

In Jerusalem.

Our capital?

They are images I cannot get out of my head, because yes, it is shocking to see the hate from grown men and women directed at children. It is shocking to know that they would kill if they could. But the most shocking of all is that the police did nothing.

They did nothing because their orders are to do nothing. Because our government is so afraid of what might happen when we defend ourselves, so afraid of international pressure that it is OK when Jewish kids are threatened.

It is OK that Jews are not allowed to pray, or freely wander the Temple Mount. And when they are allowed, it is only at certain times and under escort. The Temple Mount. The place our Temples stood.

The place Jews made known to the world.

How ‘appropriate’ that this attack (one in a series of recent attacks) occurred days before Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and just as the peace talks have failed with the Palestinian Authority making a pact with Hamas.

Those who want us dead, who want to continue what Hitler started are alive and well. And we? What do we do about it? What is our government doing about a place where Jews are attacked? Where rocks are stockpiled and molotov cocktails are hurled by Arab rioters? Where little Jewish children cry in fear as Arab men and women scream out of hatred so pure that the children know if not for the police that stand between them, their lives are at risk.

Don’t believe me? Watch it yourselves:

What does the world care when Jews are told they cannot be somewhere? When the Islamic Waqf, charged with administering the Mount allows its people to stockpile ammunition and attack Jews on a holy site, what does the world care? It doesn’t.

And you know what? We’re used to that.

The UN? It’s a joke. Mass murderers and dictatorships sit on human rights councils. Israel is singled out for resolutions as human rights abusers sit on bodies meant to protect people’s rights.  

But when OUR OWN government and police do nothing to protect our rights, it is unacceptable.

It is unacceptable that Jews cannot pray at our holiest site.

It is unacceptable that access to Jews is restricted to certain times and only under escort.

It is unacceptable that Jewish children are attacked, terrorized, and frightened into hysterics.

And it is unforgivable that Jewish rights go undefended in our own land.

Not one Arab was arrested for threatening the kids. Not one shoe thrower was detained. Not one of those who hurled rocks was shown that attacking a Jew would meet with punishment.

The image of the cowering Jew should have died in the Holocaust.

It should not be living here in Israel in 2014.

As long as I live I never want to see a Jewish child fear for her life because she is a Jew.

My dear government, if you do not defend our rights, no one else will.

The people in this video who relished terrorizing young Jews want us to feel we don’t belong here. We need to show them that we do.

Peace will never come until they understand that we are not going anywhere.

And when we say Never Again, we need to show we mean it.

About the Author
Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is a writer and an activist. Cofounder of She loves her people enough to call out the nonsense. See her work at