The death of Israel’s protector

The Druze community in Israel is an important part of the fabric of Israeli society. They serve with honour in the Israel Defence Forces as well as in political life. They are patriotic and proud citizens of the State of Israel – valuable citizens that make Israel stronger.  Yet, their pain would have been sorely felt when 38 year old Jidan Assad was taken in Wednesday’s terror attack by Palestinian terrorists.

Jidan was an officer in the Border Police and what that means is that everyone who has ever been to Israel or ever will – is protected by people like Jidan.

Tragically, he leaves behind a 2 year old child and a pregnant wife.  Their loss will be indescribable, but so will the loss of the country – as when someone special is taken, a gap opens up in our collective hearts that can never close.

I’ve read somewhere that the Druze are also known as the “Sons of Grace”, and from what I’ve read about Jidan, it seemed to describe him as well – someone who was a quiet man, but always volunteered to help everyone in his village.  But his help extended far beyond just the people of his village – it extended to the people of Israel as well.  For Jidan protected all of Israel, standing bravely against a moving wall of terror.

And although he may have been quiet, his deeds will be far louder than what any voice could muster.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.