Zachary Silver

The Defense Against Hamas Continued Terror

As I sat down in my office on a Monday morning working tirelessly to make sure I have enough appointments for this week and the weeks ahead, I suddenly hear my phone vibrate frantically. Other employees stopped what they were doing and came over to my desk to see what was going on. One pointed out that my phone was having “a spaz attack.” I read all of the notifications that came up on my phone and noticed that it had to do with something Israel related. I checked Facebook and sure enough Hamas had fired 30 rockets into Southern Israel in a span of 10 minutes. I saw a video on my news feed that showed Israeli’s sitting by the pool and all of a sudden the alarm for Tzevah Adom, which is the siren that alerts people in the area that they have 15 seconds to run from the rockets that were fired their way, and then seeing the actual rockets in the sky heading towards the pool area. People were screaming, trying to get their kids out of the pool and to a safer place. This video portrays the lifestyle for thousands if not millions of Israeli citizens living in Southern Israel who are afraid for their lives and their belongings every day. This is not a normal lifestyle to live, not one of fear for your life that Hamas will fire rockets on to your cities. Enough is enough.


Today, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that IDF chief of Staff Lt. General Benny Ganz requested the call up of 40,000 reserves to be mobilized to the Gaza border in case there is a full scale military operation in Gaza, this after the IDF had already called up 1,500 reserves on Monday. Thus Operation Protective Shield is underway. I called my cousins in Israel, nervous that they might be called up for active duty, and worried about their safety. Yesterday, the state department came out and said that it will support Israel on a limited basis and that Israel has “the right to defend itself from its enemies.” Rather then supporting Israel on a limited basis, America, Israel’s closest ally, should have said wholeheartedly that it will support Israel and the actions Israel takes to defend its citizens. This should be a given since Israel is surrounded by nations that seek its destruction every day and with the tragic killings of Eyal, Naftali and Gilad by Hamas terrorists just last week. So I urge President Obama to openly support Israel’s actions, whatever they may be, to try and protect its citizens in a very dangerous time for the Jewish State.

About the Author
Zachary Silver is a committed pro-Israel activist from West Hartford, Connecticut. A graduate of Brandeis University, Silver is the founder of Brandeis' Tamid Israel Investment club chapter. He is involved in various communal engagements seeking to promote the State of Israel.
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