The Discomforts of a (previous) Obama Supporter

I voted for Mr. Obama primarily because I wanted a secure health care system, an energy policy that relied less on fossil fuels, investment in infrastructure, regulation of the “finance kingdoms,” and somewhere between a belief and a hope that he would do no harm in the international arena.  On the domestic side I have to give Mr. Obama an “A.”  Mission accomplished.  The bad news is that so much damage has been done internationally that all of the domestic gains could be at risk due to a world that will become much more dangerous.

Mr. Obama has confused allies with personalities by threatening to undermine the only democracy in the Middle East that confers democratic rights to a segment of the population that, in large part, wishes for that same Democracy’s demise.  The United States cannot claim such a record in its past exclusion of Japanese Americans or the banning of political parties.  Mr. Obama’s administration has made false claims about land misuse regarding the Bedouin population in order to besmirch Israel’s reputation while himself continuing to treat Native Americans in the West, still on reservations, no differently than they were treated decades ago, lacking even an infrastructure for running water.  Mr. Obama has supported Islamic terrorist political parties in Egypt while supporting the despots in Yemen and Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed out without a male escort.

Mr. Obama is confused in that he does not have to like Benjamin Netanyahu in order to continue to support the only democracy in the Middle East, and a nation that has been a consistent ally to the United States. It is no wonder that the United States’ allies are losing confidence in us and in Mr. Obama in particular; and, that the anti-democratic forces are gaining ground; the most recent being his unbelievable blessing of the Ayatollahs future nuclear arsenal.

So, it is difficult, despite Mr. Obama’s achievements in the domestic arena to forgive his lack of understanding of the rest of the world.  Given his lack of consistency in which allies he supports and for what reasons it is difficult to find a logical thread of strategic thinking in his actions.
I could only recommend that he complete his term in a similar way to how he started, that is with an apology.  Rather than apologizing to the Islamic world for past US behavior (yes, we must scratch our heads collectively and wonder) he should this time go to Jerusalem and present a heart felt apology to the people and nation of Israel – not from the United States which continues to be a strong and reliable ally, but for himself. I’m certain that the people of Israel will forgive him.

About the Author
I made Aliya to Israel in my early 20s. After working for two years as a Social Worker in Jaffa and Lod i moved to Kibbutz Kissufim with my wife where our first child was born. I served in the IDF as a Mental Health Officer and later Patrolling near the border with Egypt. Our family represented the United Kibbutz movement in New York for two years and then returned to our Kibbutz. We now live in the United States where I have worked in the field of mental health and as CEO of a Public Health Hospital.