The Division of Jerusalem

There is only one place of spiritual importance for me on the entire planet and that is Jerusalem. People who may call themselves Christians and or Jewish should look to no other place for signs and wonders of G-D and his plan. In my previous article I wrote of the coming storm for Jerusalem and in this article we will spell out the division of Jerusalem and my hypothesis on how it will occur.

“The Division of Jerusalem”; Say it out loud. Doesn’t sound right; does it? That’s because the cogitation of such an event stirs extreme anxiety in some, those who are learned and in others it sounds like victory. While the Israeli public must be considered the toughest and most durable of world citizens you’re not immune to erratic changes in political opinion, much like the electorate in America. In the last 5 years numerous opinion polls indicated wild shifts in opinion, or likely methodology, with regard to the question; “Do you favor the building of the Third Temple?”. In the last polling, that I could find, 30% said “Yes” and 45% “No” while the remaining had no opinion. This goes to show that Israel really is blossoming into a secular Western Nation with little regard to what skeptics call “religious fanaticism”. If 65% wanted the Third Temple rebuilt there would be no way the Israeli public would tolerate the division of Jerusalem.

And by the way I am not advocating the rebuilding of the Third Temple. While many so-called Evangelical Christians pine for such an event because it suits their misguided prophetic interpretations of the End of Days, I for one, a follower of Yeshua Hamashiach, cannot support such an action. After all Yeshua brought about the destruction of the last Temple due to the fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Desolation of Jerusalem. And the Holy Word of G-D states the Messiah will build the Temple but I do believe the Jewish people have the Divine right to Pray on the Temple Mount as they see fit. Not only do I believe it, I believe it is necessary.

And as we hypothesize the looming division of Jerusalem we must add that secular Israel may be the leading force that will make it happen, other than Divine purpose of course. After all G-D told Zechariah this would happen. If you consider the outright hatred President Obama has for Conservative Israel you have the perfect storm for the fulfillment of one of the most important events in Prophecy. I know what many of you are thinking; “Benjamin Netanyahu would never allow this to happen.” Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong, maybe it doesn’t matter because maybe Netanyahu loses this time and if the forces of Liberal Israel take hold of Jerusalem I would expect insane concessions in the name of “rebuilding” Israeli ties with the United States. Like I stated in the previous article; when 100,000 Palestinians gather in the streets of Jerusalem President Obama will absolutely demand Israel’s return to the pre-1967 borders with land swaps. If the Israeli hardliners have been silenced then you can only imagine what happens next.

The blueprint for the new age of so-called Progressive politics is nothing more than a massive, and misguided, intellectual compromise and outright destruction of old policies and positions. Progressives believe they’re intellectually superior to their more Conservative predecessors and that they can change the old rules without consequence. If a new, more Progressive, regime takes power in Israel one can only imagine how Obama and Co. will react. A bulldozer comes to mind. Washington will leave tire tracks on the backs of any NEW Israeli Administration in the name of Peace. If Benjamin Netanyahu manages to pull out a victory then Obama will wait for his opportunity, an event that explodes on the streets of Jerusalem, then he will pounce. Either way Jerusalem will be divided again.

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