The Druze Youth and Tzahal Veteran Hi-Tech Initiative

Dear Rabbis of the United States,

As an Orthodox rabbi, an Israeli, and the son of one of the great conquerors of Mount Zion and rescuers of the 1,700 Jewish men, women, and children from the Old City in 1948, the Palmach legend, Mordechai Schwartz, I have committed myself to acknowledge the incredible hakarat hatov (gratitude) we owe the Israeli Druze community.

From before the establishment of the State and throughout the last 71 years the Druze are the only non-Jewish People, who as a People, as opposed to individuals, have dedicated themselves with life and limb in protecting the Jewish People and State. They have sacrificed over 505 lives, and have suffered over 1,500 wounded in our defense. Their incredible dedication have produced amazing and outstanding soldiers, commandos, and officers in Tzahal, the Israeli Defense Forces.

Nevertheless, there is a great cap between the Jewish and Druze soldiers when they leave the army. They have yet to be fully integrated into Israeli society and enjoy the advantages that our dynamic State has to offer. They have truly earned the right to become doctors, lawyers, academics, and especially, hi-tech entrepreneurs.

As Jews, and especially Torah and Zionist Jews, we live and breath the credo of recognizing the mesirat nefesh, the selfless deeds, of others on our behalf. My father always stressed to me the need to act as honorable men and women in repaying back a tovah, a good deed. Hence we are compelled by our Torah, Jewish culture and honor to provide the Druze with all the means to better their future in our great Jewish and democratic State. By doing so we will truly be a Light unto the Nations.

The chairman of the Druze Veterans Association, Koftan Halabi has dedicated his life to provide the Druze Youth and Tzahal Veterans with achieving and realizing their potential within Israel. As the Druze have proven themselves as outstanding soldiers on the military battlefield they will be just as great on both the social and economic fields. And so he has established a hi-tech educational center for the Druze. The land has already been granted by the Israeli government. Now it is time to build this great center and building to teach, educate, and uplift our brothers-in-arms.

Thus I am here in the United States, on behalf of the Druze Youth and Tzahal Veteran Hi-Tech Initiative, conducting parlor meetings for this great mission.

I need your help to make this dream come true. It is a mission of gratitude, justice, and promoting the true face of the Jewish People and the State of Israel, in which the Nations of the world will see our love of human dignity, rights, and gratitude. This will truly be a Kiddush Hashem, a Sanctifiction of G-d’s Holy Name. The world will see how we value all those who come to our defense.

As my father taught me the credo of the PaLMaCh – Po Lo Maznichim Chaver – Here We Do Not Abandon A Friend. As the Druze have never failed us, we cannot fail them. We must not abandon our Druze brothers!

Looking forward for your assistance in this great mission.

Please view the video of Koftan’s vision. I am truly amazed by the support of major Israeli figures for this great project including the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Rabbi Avi Schwartz

VP of Development
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About the Author
Rabbi Avi Schwartz, is the son of the Palmach Legend, Motke Eish HaGarzen, Motke the Axeman. His Father was the commander that led the 21 Palmach Warriors who conquered Har Tzion ( Mount Zion), King David's Tomb in 1948, rescuing 1,700 Jewish men, women and children from the onslaught in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Rabbi Schwartz is both a Black Hat Rabbi and Zionist activist. A filmmaker and writer, with works in Netflix, he is also the creator of the first apps against BDS: Fight BDS and BDS Myth Busters (BDS Myth Busters is sponsored by the Hollywood icon and anti-BDS activist Roseanne Barr. Rabbi Schwartz is the VP of Digital Marketing and Director of Energycite, a breakthrough technology in energy conservation. He also is the founder of Torah Teen Palmach Center, training teens to be future leaders in the tradition of the Palmach.