Josef Olmert

The elections; it is culture stupid…

My loyal readers hopefully remember , that I strongly castigated the Israeli Left Wing after Yair Garbuz racist attack on the Mezuzza kissers [and I am one…] on the eve of the elections. I did not necessarily predict that that alone would give Likud a victory, and remarked that it needed a Menachem Begi[and I am an old Beginist…] to pull such a victory. So, in the interest of transparency, I have to admit that BB did it, though not exactly the way the great Begin did it in 1981. I, for one, was SHATTERED by the anti-Arab comments of the P.M and think that they were nothing short of a disgrace, also an on-going Hasbara damage.

While the dust may have settled of the elections, the bad smell of such a diatribe is with us to stay. That said, the other elements of the Gewald campaign of the last 72 hours, were nothing short of political acumen at its most brilliance. One can agree with BB [and I am not a great fan], one cannot, but all decent people can appreciate such a major professional and political success.

What also stays and will continue to contaminate the public discourse is the inability of the Left to accept the democratic decision. Well, no need to be here too gentle. It is the hatred of strong elements of the Left to the majority of the Israeli Jewish population. A cultural icon[???] by the name of Alona Kimche related to the voters of the Right Wing as Neanderthals!, SO nice… Others reiterated the Garbuz line, many in facebook announced, that from now on, they will not support poor people, residents of the periphery , in short Likud and Right Wing people.

Well, silly, hateful statements like that can always be brushed aside as indications of ignorance and self-righteousness, but not really. Many in the Israeli Left believe in multiculturalism everywhere in the world, in fact this is the battle cry of the Left in Europe, but Israel?, hell no, Israel can have only ONE culture , that of the elite, mostly Ashkenazi, the White Tribe, we , the chosen. We who established a state to reflect OUR values, and find ourselves now dominated by them, those who came from the Atlas Mountains, in fact, those who came from nowhere… This is pure racism, Leftist, progressive, but racism nevertheless.

Then there is the question of Nationalism. So, we the Left are against Jewish Nationalism, otherwise known as Zionism. Some of us negate the very existence of a Jewish people, claiming we are simply Kazars, some of us in the Left simply believe , that Zionism is justified only if there is also a Palestinian state, even more so, if the Zionists[for many in the Left it is a dirty word], acknowledge that the Zionist project is morally wrong, but alas, it already exists, so will continue to exist, but in a way which will appease and mollify the victims of this wrong doing, the “Indigenous” Palestinians. In short, many in the Left simply are opposed to Jewish nationalism, but then, not to Arab Nationalism, surely not to Palestinian Nationalism. Being Marxists gives us the ultimate justification. Well, the Jewish-born “prophet” was a rabid antisemite[read his “on the Jewish question” from 1844], but who really cares?

So, many in our left Wing, in complete contradiction of their own rational about Jewish Nationalism supported and voted for the United Arab List, a purely nationalist party, one whose leaders made no bones about that, and many of whom said[mostly in Arabic…] what they REALLY think about Israel , Zionism and Jewish nationhood. The contradiction is not accidental. Many in the Left simply accept the Arab-Palestinian narrative, are profoundly opposed to the basic principles of Zionism, and this is because they do not want a Jewish state.

How to define them? Neanderthals?, oh no! Self-haters, auto-antisemitic? not even that. Any such collective definition would immediately warrant a torrent of Leftist accusations about ”inflammation”, ”incitement”, what not?, well I leave it an open question for the readers to decide.

It was Bill Clinton who told us , that it was the economy stupids, but not in Israel. As somebody wrote right after the results were made known, the Israelis think economy, and vote security. May I add, they also vote
history, religion, nationalism, put in sum Culture…, though not that of the master elite of the Kimches , garbuzes, Sobols and their likes.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina