Koby Gould

The end of Great Britain as we know it?

The European project has been a disaster! This bonkers freedom of movement throughout Europe is bringing the whole house of cards crashing down and the UK, tragically, is part of the collapse. Europeans can love each other, can work together, but they don’t all have to live together. Europeans should be encouraged to love and respect their differences, not chuck them into the dustbin of history and pretend they are all one family. The European project has not brought people together, it has fuelled hatred and the ugly side of nationalism. Different cultures, different philosophies, different economies etc etc…if it was a potential marriage, it would have disaster written all over it. No control of Britain’s borders, that has been THE problem and the horse has now bolted, it’s too late to correct it, Government cannot turn the clock back, too many compartments in the Titanic which was Queen Victoria’s Britain have let in people and the ship is going down. Scotland wanting to leave is symptomatic of the failure of successive British Governments to both recognise that the UK has hit an iceberg of its own creation and, of course, to do something about it. I will never understand the stupidity and blindness which has allowed this to happen.

As a Royalist, I am devastated for the Queen, for whom I have immense and reverential respect. The Queen, Chairman of the Union, has witnessed successive CEOs (Prime Minsters) bringing Great Britain to its knees and it is not nationalist fervour nor an anti-England state of mind which has brought about this desperation to get away but the realisation that the ship is going down, through no fault of the Scots, and they want to survive as a country. There is no doubt, and as a Geordie (I’m originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in the far north of England) I know it, that Westminster is London and South-centric in its prioritising and that as things get worse in the UK, Scotland will, if it remains part of the Union, increasingly bear the brunt of the pain. The Scots who vote ‘yes’ have simply had enough.