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The ultimate English guide to Pesach in Israel 2014!

It's time to make plans for Passover fun and the selection is dizzying -- bookmark this post

It’s one of the nicest times to be in Israel and there is so much to do with friends, visitors, family or as tourists this Pesach!

The range of activities available is large and can work for any budget – on one end, there are big events and shows that you need to pre-book online, and on the other, the National Park events are free for members or have minimal charges if you are not.

I am also sure more events will be advertised nearer to Pesach and I will update this page accordingly…but here is a (big) starter for you!

A few (obvious but essential) tips for successful Pesach outings –

  • Bring hats and plenty water for everyone – it can get very hot over Pesach! Depending on where you are visiting, it might be wise to bring changes of clothes too.
  • Get to free and National Park events as early as you can – in fact everywhere will get very busy. To find parking easily and enjoy the sites before they are crowded it is worthwhile being the first to arrive!
  • Don’t forget to pack your matza sandwiches and collect any trash you make, keeping our country beautiful.
  • Many events will have food stalls (some will be kosher for Pesach) or craft stalls with unexpected costs so be aware and bring money in case your children want to do these things.
  •  While there are many things to do, don’t forget to make the most of this amazing family time and relax and enjoy and take lots of photos to capture the memories!!

Pesach 2014 – This list includes most of the events but will be updated as more are publicized. Feel free to let me know about any others in the comments below!

Festivals and events with online necessary bookings:

The week before Pesach Exclusive LoveLoveIsrael Tourspesach tours

Jerusalem Sketchbook Tour on 7th April, Age 6+ – details here (limited number of places)

Scaventures – Scavenger Hunt in the Old City on 9th April – Age 6+ – details here (limited number of places)

PrePesach – baking workshop at the Saidel Artisan Baking Institute  or in your own home! For the first time this year, the Saidel Artisan Baking Institute is conducting special pre-Pesach baking workshops where you will learn how to bake successfully AND HEALTHILY during Pesach, using a limited arsenal of ingredients.Details here. Must call them to book. Also baking workshops for kids in the two weeks before Pesach! Fun filled, hands-on baking three hour extravaganza and an unforgettable experience.

LoveLoveIsrael Tour of Jaffo-Old train Station Tel Aviv – 16th April – restricted numbers so book early to avoid disappointment. Memorable day out for the whole family with prizes for Children! Details here.

Ice rink in Jerusalem until 22/4/2014

תערוכת עולם הרכבות בתל אביב – פסח 2014 – Miniature train exhibition – trainfollowing the success in Jerusalem, this exhibit is open during Pesach (15-22nd April) at the old train station in Tel Aviv – Neve Tzedek.

הינומיזו Hinomizu – קרקס האש והמים – Circus – Water and Fire at the old train station, Jerusalem (10-22nd April)

פסטיבל הקסמים בפארק הירקון – פסח 2014 – Magic Festival at the theatre inPark Hayarkon – for the whole family (16-21st April)

פסח של כוכבים בפארק יקום – פסח 2014 – Lots of Israeli kids TV star performers – Yuval Hamebulbal, Michal Haketana etc.pesach2014

פסטיבל אוטומוטור – פסח 2014 – After last year’s success ,the automobile exhibition at Ganei Taarucha in Tel Aviv is returning 16-19th April from 10am. ‘The Wheel Story’.car

תערוכת המיחזור טראש פיפל פסח 2014 – Trash People exhibit at Park Ariel Hasharon. 5-26th April. 500 people made out of trash. Price reduction if you bring plastic bottles with you for recycling.

פסטיבל הצילום הבינלאומי – פסח 2014 – International Photography Festival – Rishon Lezion. 30,000 visitors expected! 15 shekel entry.

פסטיבל האהבה ים המלח – פסח 2014 – In its 18th year, the Dead Sea festival of love includes some great Israeli artists. 16-19th Aprildead

Events elsewhere:

Shvil Hatapuzim (Center-North) will be open throughout Pesach with orange picking as well as great fun activities outdoors for children. Reviews here.

Dov Halavan (Center/North-Emek Hefer) – A great fun indoor extreme sports and circus tricks. Suitable for all ages as well as adults. You will have a great time here with special extras especially for Pesach holidays. If you get there later in the day call ahead to ensure they have space…dov2

Chai Goats Farm (Modiin) – Great activities open on the days before Pesach include goat milking, cheese making, spinning and weaving raw sheeps wool to yarn, Batik nature picture (clay work for infants) and more! Book first to arrange.

Metukaya (north) – Fondant icing sugar sculpting workshops – all kosher for pesach! Program: Workshop for young children, creating the fondant flowers and colorful butterflies and a workshop making of Moses in the basket that is suitable for children adults and teens The workshops can be started every hour until one hour before closing and there is no need to coordinate in advance (except for groups). 04-6775422 or 052-8197190 Review here!סדנא בוגרים

The Science Garden at the Weizman Institute (center) – 5-26th April. ‘Numbers’ is the theme with logic and mathematics games as well as the usual scientific exhibits- Review here!

Mini Israel – Some of the children’s favorite performers will be at Mini Isael as well as some arts and craft activities. 15-21st April

Soos Agala (center)– a hidden gem and a unique experience – The Guiness Book of Records winners for the biggest wooden rocking horse invite you to create your own handmade carpentry table decorations as well as many other wooden toys at special Pesach workshops during Pesach. They help you every step of the way and you will take home a fabulous creation of your own. Read reviews here and book before you go!soosagala1

Tel Aviv City Farm (center) – every year runs great programs along the pesach themes and this year promises to be great fun once again. Details will be posted on their website soon.

 Pesach…for free

The factory tours – for example the electricity power stations (Hadera) and the Bamba factory (Holon) are highly recommended. The coca cola factory(Bnei Brak) is great but has a small charge – but you do need to book them ahead of time and adhere to age restrictions. A list of factories can be found here.

Events in most Malls – again – get there very early and go to less well known shows to avoid the big crowds.

This is the list of 50 attractions with free entry sponsored by Bank Hapoalim translated from the updated Hebrew list for 2014. We recommend poalgetting to these places early! Note that only 16-17th April are full days this year.


The Ghetto Fighters House Museum 04-9958052
The Galilee Sculpture Festival in Maalot 04-9578871
The Deer Forest  050-8723920
The Golan Antiquities Museum  04-6961350
Park Katzrin 04-6962412
The Umm El Fahem Art Gallery  04-6315257
The Wilfrid Museum of Israeli Art  04-9899566
The Robotic Dairy 054-4962656
The Museum of Art at Ein Harod    04-648 5701

Haifa and the Northern Valleys:

The Museum of the First Aliyah (in Zichron Yaakov) 04-6294777
The Janco Dada Museum (in Ein Hod) 04-9842350
Haifa Zoo – 04-8372886 (open 10am – 3pm)
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art 04-8383554 
Haifa Museum of Art 04-9115997 
The National Maritime Museum in Haifa 04-8536622 
The Haifa City Museum 04-9115888
The Mane Katz Museum 04-911 9372 
Hermann Struck Museum 04-6359962
Museum Otzrot Hachoma (in old city of Acco) 049911004
Gan Garoo 04-6488060 

Central Israel:

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 03-6077000
The Diaspora Museum 052-6130503
Visitor’s Center of Igudan Water purification center 03-9555222 (tours and event)
The ‘Chan’ Museum, Hadera 04-6324562
The Nachum Gutman Museum of Art 03-5161970
The Museum of Israeli Art in Ramat Gan 03-7521876
IDC Museum for communications, Herzliya 09-9602845
The Herzilya Museum of Contemporary Art 09-9551011
The Rishon L’Zion Museum 03-9598862
The Design Museum – Holon 073-2151500
Mikve Yisrael visitors Center 03-5030489
Minkov Orchard Museum, Rehovot 08-9469197
The Rabin Center Israeli Museum *4585
The Rubin Museum 03-5255961
The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center 03-5339278


Yad LaShiryon – Latrun 08-9784302
The Bible Lands Museum 02-5611066
Hasmonean Aqueduct Tour *6033
The Temple Mount Sifting Project *6033
The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens 02-6794012
The Old Yishuv Court Museum 02-6281266
The House of Shai Agnon  02-6716498
The Menachem Begin Heritage Center 02-5652018
The Ariel Center – Historic Jerusalem (First Temple Period) 02-6286288


Ashdod Art Museum Monart Center 08-8545180
The Museum of Water and Security at Kibbutz Nir Am 050-9672874
The Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Culture  08-9913322
Air Force Museum at Kibbutz Chatzerim 08-9906853
The Negev Museum of Art  08-6993535
Chai Negev – Ecological Village 08-6562688
The Eilat Municipality Museum – Eilat Iri 08-6340754

(Sources: Bank Hapoalim and Kosher & Frugal)

There are also tours by KKL. Their site is not updated yet but I assume they will be running – call 1-800-350-550 to reserve your place! Details here.

Israel’s National Parks!

Free if you are members (great value card membership available HERE)  or just pay the entrance fees if you are not….I have listed most of them here! More info (in Hebrew on the National Park website)logo

Please let us know how they were if you do go!!


Dates Details and link to National Park site Park site (reviews from LoveloveIsrael) Where?
15-21st April Activity Park Park Eshkol South
15-22nd April Young Inspector’s-booklet, with prizes Nachal Amud South
15-17th April and 19th April 20:30 Masada sound & light show at night (pay at the site) Masada 08-6280404 (campsite number) South
16-19th April Reveal treasures on guided tour of the Tiberias baths – on the hour 11:00-14:00 Chamat TeveriaYoung inspector’s booklet available too (10NIS) North
16-19th April Guided tours of fishing village, beaches and magic lagoons  at 10:00,11:30,13:00 Achziv National Park North
16-17th April 10:00-15:00 special explanations about the beautiful path Banias North
16-17th April Experience Exodus from Egypt with special tours-long and short routes. Hayarkon/Tel Afek. Free for members -To register-03-9030760 Tel Aviv
16-17th April Street performance, arts and crafts, activities,shows and tours! Hashomroni HaTovSite of the Good Samaritan Nr Jerusalem
16-17th April 11:00-15:00 The Emperor returns! Roman stories, market,gladators,workshops Beit Shean National Park Beit Shean (North)
16th and 19th April A remarkable journey through paradise-guided tours at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 Tel DanYoung inspector’s booklet available too (10NIS) North
16-19th April Snorkelling tutorials, nature films 10:00-17:00 Almog BeachTo register- 08-6326422 Eilat
16-17th April Discover the layers of ruins of ancient mountain top city. Guides, music workshops,activities (minimal cost) breath-taking views. Har Grizim Nr Jerusalem
16-19th Tour a variety of animals, wolf, tiger, ostriches and more. Watching animals in a darkroom including bats and rodents. Chai Bar YotvataTo register 08-6373057 South
16-21st April 2000 year old Nabatean Market 10:00-22:00 Mamshit South
Pesach duration Tour the impressive mosaic floor of a synagogue from the Mishnah and the Talmud  Food and workshops available. Ein Gedi National Park South
16-17th and 19th April Knight Festival 11:00-15:00 Ein Hemed Jerusalem
16-17th April Tour of the old city-the life of Abraham Avinu. 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 Tel Beer Sheva South
16-17thApril 19-20th April Horses at the hippodrome 11:00-13:00 Caesarea North
16-21st April Theatrical plays about Masada 10:30 and 13:00 Masada South

Please do send feedback of your trips and contribute your tried and tested days out in Israel – you can also search a much more comprehensive directory here!

Chag Sameach – Happy Pesach!

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