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The Eternal Jew’s Tale, #111, A Tale on 4 Levels, 5

Demon on Night Mare; image colorized and modified by the author, obtained from Wikimedia Commons, fragment of Attila by Delacroix, in the public domain.
Demon on Night Mare; image colorized and modified by the author, obtained from Wikimedia Commons, fragment of Attila by Delacroix, in the public domain.

In this episode, the logic of conspiracy theories…

The Eternal Jew’s Tale
Sixteenth Era, Part 7, 1320 C.E., Chelm
II. The Remez
4. Protocols of the Elders of Chelm

An evil spirit is stalkin’ the lands, and the Polish soul is a withered field. Groans from soil and river and wind, this pure spirit, this natural giest, this soul of the folk is under attack. A conspiracy of demonic men, in secret, gather with poisonous thoughts to weaken the body, to sicken the heart, to dig out the Polish root of the land.

We seen these men in their shadowy ways, skulkin’ in the markets, lurkin’ at church. Some be Jew from Byzantium. Some be sent from the Vatican. Some be mermen arose from the Rhine, them that descend from Teutonic Knights.

Their rings be silver; their teeth be gold; their cloaks be brash; their hearts be cold. Their bible is writ in Satan’s script. First they will sour the milk of our cows. Then they will sour the faith of our childs. They meet in satanic synagogues and plot our demise like Gog and Magog.

Wenceslaus and his Teutonic Knights be not men of flesh and blood, but be Black Forest demons, beasts of the night. They be corruptin’ the discontent:
The minor lords whose holdings are small; or lords whose lands produce no tithe – infertile, swampy, too rugged to plow; and agitators who stir up the folk, tellin’ peasants their lot is too harsh, that they should be freemen just like lords, that Wenceslaus would free them all and give them land, an ox, and a plow.

And there be a woman, a sinful wraith, widow of a cutthroat and treacherous lord, who lost her manor and will not rest til she bring on havoc to east and west. If Wenceslaus be Beelzebub, she be his Lilith, all plague and mob.

Everyone knows the Vatican sent its priests to conquer our souls, to drive out our true and perfect faith that serves the great redemption of Christ, and replace it with whips and chains of the Pope.

And everyone knows the Pope is a Jew, and all his cardinals renounce redemption, and all his priests and all his nuns engage in orgies to serve Moloch.

And everyone has seen with their own eyes the Catholic synagogues in Gothic design, with their devilish spires and daggery doors, and their stained windows drippin’ blood, and their peaked roofs like Satan’s own house. And you hear their organs forbid of old, Satan’s invention to drown out the Lor.

And everyone’s tongue has tasted the true communion of God, flesh and blood. But the Catholic wafer is Moloch’s flesh and their wine the blood from Moloch’s bull.

And worst of all, the Moloch Jew is rampant spread throughout the land. Like locusts that eat up all our crops; like leeches that suck out all our blood; like the nasty hornet’s poisonous sting; like the vaporous air that spreads disease.

Priest and bishop, all beware him who infiltrates your house. His secret servants — monks and nuns — corrupt our service, prayer and psalm.

Their rabbis walk with head held high, as if this be their holy land; as if our Lor has not come down to punish them and bring their shame.

Beware their rabbis’ cynic smile, as if he be your faithful friend. Your children’s blood is what he wants, to bake his bread and raise his song and praise his Satan all night long. The Jew that lives within your land will suck you dry of all you own. First your children, then your wife, then your plow horse, then your life.

What will it be? The rule of law, or fire brands in a peasant’s hand? What will it be? A house and land, or a life in the grip of Satan’s hand? What will it be? A Polish lord, or slavery to the Teuton horde? What will it be? The rites of God, or Moloch’s howl and his burnin’ prod?

Chosen people or brazen fiends? Chosen people or broken reeds? Chosen people that have our throats, led by their king *Adonai Tz’vaot*.
*-* common term the Prophets used for God; English: God of Hosts/Legions

Overthrow the foreign yoke. Overthrow the devil’s pope. Overthrow the evil few. Overthrow the Eternal Jew.


In the next episode, a rabbi’s personal journal.

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