John Cronin

The Feel-Good Factor

The world, and that includes the US, is as it is. It is not perfect by any means and it may never be so. But it does aspire towards perfection and that might be the one chance Israel has to prevail.

The problem for Israel is that it does not know how to change the world so that its own interests are best served as a result. And yet somehow this must be done if a future without constant vigilance and ever-increasing danger to its moral and physical well-being is to be avoided. In other words, Israelis need to produce a truly massive quid pro quo, a leap of faith in themselves and in their fellow man, something that will generate a constant feel-good factor of immediate impact and lasting presence in the minds of people everywhere.

This is not the ideal solution but that, whatever it may be, is probably beyond our understanding and capabilities anyway. It does, however, demonstrate a willingness to move away from conventional thinking and find a more equitable arrangement by which apparently insoluble problems can then be addressed and overcome.

The alternative is to carry on with the situation as it is now and hope that time and tide will somehow manage to make matters come right in the end. That is one way to go but, with such little feel-good factor in attendance, prospects for any positive outcome there must appear virtually non-existent.

Good decisions usually have a ‘feel good’ factor.Good decisions usually have a feel-good factor

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