The Fiddler Putts and Putts Away

Wake up America, wake up! This is the resounding call I have often read on social media postings and voiced by very frustrated people. I share their deep agitation at the Obama Administration’s retreat and suicidal weakening of this great United States of America. He is not an inept empty suit, rather a charging force determined to change the world order. He prefers a nonsensical policy of retreating from an out of control spinning globe that is blistering with rage and animosity.

I fear we are becoming desensitized to the utterances and actions of an emboldened Islamic death cult. How many chilling chants, outrageous threats and gross images of murder do we have to see before understanding the danger? Beheadings, Christian annihilation and Jewish hatred have become a commonality at a lightning rate of speed throughout the world. This is draconian Islamic terrorism; a metastatic cancerous growth endangering the very air we breathe and the space we live. And all the while the fiddler fiddles.

For the first time, we are witnessing supporters of Hamas visibly protesting on the streets of American cities. This unwelcomed animosity with their shouts of tyrannical vulgarities should be revolting to even leftist American ideologues – although I doubt they are. Hamas supporters hypocritically embrace the embodiment of bondage and entrapment of people by their own demagogic leadership. And check the delirious fools in Hollywood and elsewhere who stand with them. Hamas cheers as thousands of missiles are fired from Gaza into Israel hoping they kill innocent Jewish citizens. And what is the moral and military super power’s response to this onslaught? Day after day, we hear the State Department’s bespectacled haughty spokesperson admonish our besieged ally to show “restraint.”

Common sense dictates one would prefer our “friend” to singe the sand of the Hamas perpetrators but Obama notes a moral equivalency which is void of reason and sense. In this dangerous new world order of hypocrisy and ludicrous excuses for Islamic terrorism, the golfer putts as the rest of us become more and more frustrated. We see reality; he sees something else.

70 years ago, Bogart may have told Bergman “we will always have Paris” but today France is a fading black and white memory. Liberal emigration of Islamists has again turned the land of vineyards and cheese into a visceral anti-Semitic boiling pot. The same horror holds true of the Brits and thus so goes the UK. Where is the outcry of the European leaders and its righteous citizens? Again today as yesterday, they are muffled and subdued. While the machinations of evil belie the forces of good, we grow more frustrated, flustered and enraged because we know the difference between darkness and light as leaders cower. They recoil with indifference and are drenched in the scourge of political correctness as they fail to stand against those who promise one day to raise their flag in place of ours. How can this be?

I wonder if Teddy Roosevelt’s saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” is only half right. Maybe it’s time we get loud, specific and mean what we say. No red lines, but preempt or respond in kind to those who threaten us. I am frustrated at the insanity of the Islamic world of terror and our government’s constant whitewashing of its evil. Yes we are all frustrated, as time fiddles by.

William Pollack is a broadcaster and movie theater operator based in Memphis, TN.

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William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.
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