The Final Solution-Part Two

When the Nazi beast began to show its claws in 1933 after Hitler finally succeeded in seizing the chancellorship of Germany after the death of president Hindenburg in January, 1933, one of the first pieces  of anti-Semitic legislation went into effect. This was the call for a national boycott of all Jewish owned businesses on the first of April.

Nazi thugs marching in front of Jewish owned stores, at the entrances to buildings where Jewish doctors and lawyers had their offices, parading with placards and bullhorns, shouting “Don’t buy from Jews!” was an all too common sight all over that swastika flag flying country.

Now move forward 80 years to 2013, and the same raucous, Jew hating phrases are marching all over Europe again. Except this time, these barbarians are much more politically savvy. No, they are not screaming about Jews, they are screeching “Don’t buy Israeli products!” Even with a pandering anti-Jewish bigotry growing every day, it wouldn’t look proper, or sound pleasant, to be shouting about Jews. No, instead it is far easier and less detrimental to their bigotry to denounce Jews as Israelis, or employ the term, Zionists After all, Israel is the Jewish state, therefore, it has become the international Jew.

It is not a stretch from legitimate political grievances over the actions of the Israeli government. There is a place in international discourse to criticize the political activity of any nation, including Israel.Many  Israelis have something to gripe about-after all, we do live in the only democratic country awash in a region dominated by Islamist pedophiles, murdering terrorists and devotees of decapitation. However, there is a great difference between criticism that is fair and open from outright hatred and pernicious double standards. But Israel is the convenient target of choice for ignominious and purgative  legislation and condemnations by a cabal of European states whose combined histories, vis-a-vis the Jewish people, is one of thousands of years of persecution, rapine and murder. Indeed, that entire besotted continent floats on a sea of Hebrew blood.

Tactics such as these are merely the new modes of the ancient hatred for our people that has undergone many manifestations depending on the particular language, geography, economy  or political system under which the prejudice has flourished. Sometimes one or the other strategies have taken place-running the gamut from forced exile to ghettoization, from economic repression to physical violence, from imposed poverty to fierce pogrom and mayhem to murder. In any event, the desired results have always been to the detriment, if not the destruction of Jewish communities and Jewish lives.

At times, the very slogans have been reversed but the hatred implied in both is the same. In the 1930s, the fascists shouted “Jews to Palestine!” and now, they screech, “Jews, out of Palestine!” It appears they do not know if we are to go or to come, but it is certainly apparent that their animus leads in one direction only-the gateway to extermination for our people.

What more proof is necessary than the recent call by Luxembourg (a nation known only by geography students, diplomats, and ambassadors who have been relegated to a posting with about as much glamour as Katmandu-my apologies to Nepal) to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations held by another lackluster and oblivious to the truth organization, known as the European Union, or EU (sounds like “ewwwwwww”). The EU is a collaboration of European states that is attempting to keep alive the rapidly fading importance and prestige of this fading coalition of former imperialist nations as though they really had anything of value left to contribute to the world. The growing economic power and political acumen of countries such as India, Japan and China which will soon leave these aging vestiges of centuries’ old imperialism in the garbage dump of history.

But even in its death throes, just like the Nazi beast unleashed savage attacks and weapons of mass destruction upon the Allied nations that would soon overwhelm it, Europe continues its never ending war against the Jewish people. Only now, it is using surrogates to conduct its bloody business, Surrogates like Hamas, an avowed enemy of not only the State of Israel, but of all Jews everywhere.

The ministers of the EU cannot deny the absolute genocidal oratory of the leadership of that terrorist machinery. (I’d be more than willing to supply them with hundreds of videos, but then, even the truth wouldn’t matter to a bigot). The charter of that group openly calls for the death of all Jews, not just Israelis and for the liquidation (sound familiar?) of the Jewish state. They cannot deny the evidence of thousands of projectiles and missiles fired at Israeli civilians from the stink pit of Gaza, even after, at a painfully hurtful eviction of 8000 of our fellow citizens, uprooted from their homes, even the exhumation of graves was carried out. Yet, they find “justification” for this war crime but seek to indict Israel for the crime of defending herself. Well, Europe has always loved dead Jews but never seems to have any regard for those Jews who refuse to bare their necks for the bullet.

Furthermore the rush to recognize a “Palestinian State” under the hegemony of the “Palestinian Authority” the politically correct definitive nomenclature of what used to be known as the “Palestinian Liberation Organization,” whose leadership and members bathed in the blood of thousands of their victims, some of them even Europeans; is evident of the purgative parade towards the elimination of the one and only Jewish state, The crimes committed by this death loving dynasty of thugs and thieves is hundreds of pages long. The very president of the “PA” is not only a published Holocaust denier, but the savage responsible for the financing and planning of the slaughter of the Israeli athletes at the Munich (surprise, more Jews killed in Germany) Olympics of 1972, yet he has never been brought to trial for this crime against humanity. Instead, he is feted by European and American presidents and prime ministers, given the red carpet treatment when he has stained the soil of Europe red with Jewish blood.

No need to fly the hated swastika anymore, no reason to embellish mastheads with the symbol, that would be far too obvious and way to media disconcerting. No, let us fly the flag of the PLO, after all, we have granted it legitimacy and we have approved with our approbation its demand to make Israel more vulnerable for the remainder of the final solution, After all, aren’t there six million Jews there now?

The surviving remnant of the once great Jewish communities of Europe, those who are coming under deadly assault every day, what of their future? Do they even have any? Just as those of our brethren who felt far too comfortable in their homes even as the walls were closing in upon them, there are Jews today who still remain in danger for their lives and somehow, choose to remain where they are. Even our own people can have blinders on when all around them, the skies are darkening. Come home to Israel now, I beg you. While you still can.

No, my name is not Cassandra, my only name is Israel and I know from my history that our enemies, in whatever guise, speaking whatever tongues and living its last, still demand our death. Europe is a dying continent and its last chance to rid itself of that nation which has stood the test of time and defied destruction, is still a burning ember in its bloodshot eyes and it still means to eradicate us before it leaps into the grave it so richly deserves. It has partnered itself with a more vibrant and evil society, a Satanic culture that worships murder and openly declares it loves death more than the Jews love life.

The Final Solution, part two is upon us, This time it is not clothed in a black Stormtrooper uniform, but in the formal wear of diplomats,walking hand in hand with robed mullahs. The heritage of the mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini, and his host, Adolf Hitler, is still alive and their photo together is not an aging sepia hued paper, but a portent of modern day videos.

The unholy alliance of Crusader and Saracen still want to take Jerusalem from Jewish hands, We must deny it to them both.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.