The First Temple and the Seven Palaces (Part II).

Welcome to my sixth blog about Gematria, the Merkabah and the birth of the Alephbet.  It’s just a quick addendum today.  Sometimes life gets busy and as the Talmud tells us, Gematria is a side dish.  All art is a side dish really, but what would life be without art and creativity?

The Mishnah Torah by Maimonides is of help in showing how he numerical attributes of the Temple are designed to reflect the natural cosmological course of time:

The Chosen Temple 1:5

משנה תורה, הלכות בית הבחירה א׳:ה׳
(ה) ואלו הן הדברים שהן עיקר בבנין
הבית עושין בו קדש וקדש הקדשים ויהיה
לפני הקדש מקום אחד והוא הנקרא אולם
ושלשתן נקראין היכל ועושין מחיצה
אחרת סביב להיכל רחוקה ממנו כעין קלעי
החצר שהיו במדבר וכל המוקף במחיצה זו
שהוא כעין חצר אהל מועד הוא הנקרא
עזרה והכל נקרא מקדש.

(5) The following are the major requirements for the Temple: It must have a sanctuary and an inner sanctum. There must be a space in front of the sanctuary called the Hall ( אולם ) and the three together are called “Heichal” (היכל). Another wall must be built around the Heichal away from the building itself, like the curtains around the courtyard of the Tabernacle in the desert. Everything enclosed by this wall representing the yard of the Tabernacle is called the Court (עזרה) and the whole compound is called “Temple” (מקדש).

אולם      The Hall = 77
היכל      The Hall & the Sanctuary
& the Inner Sanctum is the Heichal = 65
עזרה      The Court = 282
מקדש     The Temple =147

The Court 282 minus the Heichal 65 = 217
The Temple 147 minus the Hall 77 is 70
217 / 70 = 3.1
147 + 217 = 364 (days in a year).

Also – take the hall 77 from the court 282 = 205 + 12 (positive value for Sanctuary & Inner Sanctum with hall removed) = 217.

That’s it.  Short and sweet today.  Go forth and gematria!  And I’ll see you when life becomes quiet enough for study of this beautiful art once more.  Peace to the world.

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