The Game of Flirting

We are all familiar with this situation. There is this guy who makes us feel something inside of us, something we are not sure we could explain.
So, without we could even notice, we start using our feminine powers — an eyelashes flutter, a big bright smile, some touching, laughing at every little thing he says.

After a while, if the guy is smart enough to detect the signals, he is joining the game of the flirting.

There are 2 options from here. One, you guys would be so good at flirting, you would both want it to become something bigger, perhaps more serious. You will start liking each other, and you will start an exclusive, serious relationship.

The second option is when one of you is tired of the game, so he/she is backing off. The other one senses something is wrong, so he is giving up too.

The third option I have not yet to discuss with you is, the option of the flirting continual, or the way I call it, the flirting game.

You both are not quite sure you are interested in something more serious, but you seem to enjoy it. You put on a show, so everyone around you is pretty sure you are officially dating. Dating, of course, is not an option for you at this moment.

You keep flirting with each other, via text messages, phone calls, private meetings or even social gatherings. All of your friends are not sure what is going on, are you going out? Are you exclusive?

The answer is, of course, for both of these questions, is no.  Actually, this is when things get more interesting. You both start this stage when you don’t wan’t to be with the other person, but in an ironic way, you don’t want him/her to be with someone else.

When the flirting game is upgraded to a higher level, the kissing-making out part begins. You find yourselves very attracted to one other, and you can’t really find a reason for why you should stop it. The game is getting more and more complicated.

What is the next level? The worst one. One of you start to grow an affection towards the other one, aka FEELINGS, which make all the touching thing a bit more dramatic.

The one who already has the feelings for the other person, is getting way more into the so called “relationship”. The chill relaxed game from before, turning into a massive confusing and stressful situation.

On the one hand, the non-affectionate one is still into the other person, but he/she is not into the serious part. The other one who is understandably already in love with the other, is piling up expectations based in this situation, which are so high,  it could be really hard to make his pile fall down easily.

In this point, the unhappy couple has 2 options. Either break up and quit the game, or taking the game to the serious relationship level.

One way or another, eventually, one heart will get broken.

I recently had this friend who was involved with this kind of guy in her life. They were so flirty, she could not even remember the fact that they used to be best friends once.

Everything got so complicated so they had to grow apart. The result? One semi-broken lonely heart, and the other one was just missing this special person in his life.

The solution? Stop flirting with the people you care mostly about if you are not aiming towards a serious relationship.

A good friendship is not worth risking for a silly summer fling.

About the Author
A student in Bar Ilan university, an israeli who loves English literature. Fashion journalism dreamer, styling adviser, Coco Chanel admirer , Vogue addict. Romance seeker. Before school, used to be a VM in Gap inc.