Josef Olmert

The Gaza Electricity Crisis-Faked Morality and Realpolitics

Once again the Left Wing has a ”moral cause” to scream about and blame Israel for-The Gaza electricity crisis. Once again the Left Wing finds the justification for what may be Hamas well -planned justification for terror attacks on innocent Israelis , and this is the ”inhuman” Israeli dealing with the suffering of innocent Gazans. Once again it is imperative to remind those who are interested in the TRUTH, as opposed to PROPAGANDA, that Israel left Gaza lock, stock and barrel over 12 years ago, and by all accounts, including international law and real morality, has no responsibility to what is happening there. The territory is under formal control of the Palestinian Authority[PA], and virtual, dictatorial control of Hamas, which declared war on Israel. A declaration of this kind, accompanied by actual aggression as it happens when it suits Hamas and its surrogates, justifies , by international law , by common sense, by the way other countries would have acted under such circumstances and by genuine morality, not faked , manufactured Left -Wing orientated , a counter measure by the victim of this aggression, and this is Israel.In fact, the Israeli counter measure is far cry from what it could and should be, as it is partial and measured, not a complete blockade, which is the lie espoused by enemies outside of Israel, and their accomplices in Israel.

Max Hastings, the renowned British military historian , in his brilliant; Catastrophe 1914 ;Europe goes to war, sharply criticizes Britain for not imposing full blockade on Germany in the start of WW1[p.359], something which would happen only later on and would inflict suffering of major proportions on the aggressive Germany , and this is just one example of the rules of war , and many more could be given here. Aggression A-la -Hamas needs to have its proper response, but here is where it is different-It deals with Israel, and everything is so different when it deals with Israel, that is if we accept the discourse of the Left Wing. Hamas got billions of dollars of aid since 2005, among others from Qatar, a country defined today by most of the Arab world as an accessory of terror, and Hamas chose to divert almost all this money for the building of a military machine to be used against Israel. Also for the payments to the tens of thousands of its security personnel , whose only role is to oppress the civilian population in Gaza and make sure that they would be cowed , scared and obedient. Hamas built 900 mosques in Gaza, where there are only 2 libraries. Hamas however, did not build tens of thousands of housing units for the refugees there, as Hamas is not interested in a solution for their misery, and misery it is, though one inflicted on them by their Hamas tormentors. Hamas did not divert the money for civilian infrastructure, instead for military one, the tunnels whose only purpose is to saw death and destruction in Israel, and sure enough, Hamas did not invest the money in what could prevent the recurring electricity crises.

Put in sum, Hamas wants a deluxe war against Israel, not only to have the freedom to initiate it at will, also to have Israel making it possible, in fact easier for them to conduct it. So, Israel is expected to sub-contract Hamas in their war against it. Crazy, unheard of in the annals of the world, IMMORAL, but this is exactly what the Left Wing wants Israel to do, in the name of morality, justice and what not-in reality it is in the name of support for murderous terror movement. There is another victim of Hamas aggression, and this is Egypt, which imposes a far stricter blockade on Gaza, but alas, Egypt is not Israel, so they are exempted from the vitriol heaped so lavishly on Israel.

Israel is totally on the right and MORAL side when dealing with the electricity situation in Gaza. Abbas and his PA should not
be exempted of their responsibility, and yet, in this case, as in so many others, it is not enough to be right, and it is also important to be clever. Here is how it plays with the electricity situation-cut the supply to Gaza so long as Hamas does not pay what they should, but not cut it completely. Supply enough for the REAL vital , civil needs of the population, enough for the hospitals, for example, and leave it on the door step of Hamas -let them decide what is more important for their population; To lighten the tunnel- digging, or treat babies in hospital. While providing enough electricity for real important humanitarian needs, Israel should make good on what Defense Minister Lieberman keeps stating-any Hamas aggression should get an effective and massive retaliation, and that hardly happens despite the ringing rhetoric.

When justice and morality are on our side, Israel can still be clever enough, show its humane side and make sure, that we do our utmost to spare the innocent Gazans of the atrocities which come their way by their rulers, and which will continue to happen, regardless of what we do or do not do.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina