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As Holocaust remembrance day (Yom HaShoah) approaches I believe it is imperative for me to share my story with you. At the age of 23 I am no survivor of holocaust nor are any of my family members, but I am passionate about preserving their stories all the same. We are the last generation that will be able to hear stories of the Holocaust from the survivors themselves. How can we make sure their voices will still be heard once the last survivor is gone?

As an ambassador of the GenZ Project, it is my duty to spread education, activation and inspiration to my peers about the Holocaust. The GenZ Project is an initiative taken by NEXT GENERATIONS to preserve stories from survivors of the Holocaust and world genocide.

It is our vision to inspire and activate Generation Z to express stories of Holocaust and genocide though Story Expressions before the last survivor is gone.

A Story Expression can be in any form of creative medium, including art, poetry, music, film, blogging or social media.

It is our goal to obtain as many story expressions as possible and preserve them in a digital library to create an everlasting tribute to the survivor’s stories and as a platform of education for future generations.

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Because Holocaust education is only mandatory in 5 states throughout the US, there is a lack of knowledge amongst my generation. If you have ever seen the YouTube video 94 Maidens then you will know what I am talking about. It is quite embarrassing to say the least.

This is a time sensitive issue. We are losing more and more survivors every day and soon there will be none left.

I ask that passionate people like myself and other GenZ Ambassadors around the country will take action to learn the stories of a Holocaust Survivor or any other survivor of genocide and create their Story Expression.  With the internet and social media serving as a growing and reliable source of news and education, there is no limit to the amount of stories we can save with this method.


About the Author
Joshua Donner is from Warren, New Jersey and graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Psychology. Josh now lives in Tel Aviv, he is a Masa participant for Career Israel. He is currently intern for BOMAH as the Online Marketing Manager.
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