The ghost of Enoch Powell is hovering over Europe

The world is at war  –  fact. The world can’t start to defend itself in this war until it accepts and states PUBLICLY who the enemy is  –  radical Islam…in fact, all Islamists who do not state publicly that they stand against terrorism, all Islamists who do not support Israel and pre-Obama and post-Obama America in their defence of freedom and democracy, they are all the enemy. Antisemitism, fear, political correctness, financial interests and short termism all stand in the way of an effective defensive strategy to push back the enemy. The world does not realise that we, Israel, are fighting for all free people, that Hamas etc etc see Israel as America’s proxy in the Middle East (us, Obama’s proxy??!! G-d Forbid!) and that their game plan is to eliminate Israel and to then go after Jews everywhere (I guess they are adopting a simultaneous approach on that one) and everyone who is not like them. Preston (Lancashire) became the first town in Britain on Friday to fall in the Islamification of the country. The ghost of Enoch Powell is hovering over Europe  –  there won’t just be rivers of blood but the fires of hell will be raging! Enoch got the subject and timing of his speech wrong  –  it applies NOW!

One day, sooner rather than later, as much as it will kill non-Islamic antisemites to admit it, Europeans will realise that Israel was right in defending itself and they will rue the days when they failed to support us. The non-radical Islamists who protest against Israel are pawns, ‘useful infidels’, in the extremists’ game plan. Europe is going up in flames. I believe 100% that we are witnessing the destruction of Europe and that although a good many Jews are heeding the warnings and are getting out (ironically for Hamas, many are making Aliyah and strengthening Israel), the numbers getting out over the next 12 to 24 months will dwarf the current numbers. Jews will not be the only ones getting out…many others will catch on soon. This evil doesn’t just want to kill Jews  – Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists, all non radical Islamists will be thrown to the lions (and the Shia v Sunni battles will continue). Hitler wanted a Europe, a world, consisting of only Aryans; today’s Islamic fundamentalists want a world comprising just their own (so peaceable Muslims have much to fear as well!!!!)

Europe is finished…AGAIN!