The Hamas Zombie Death Cult Pogrom

Its the stuff of nightmare we’ve only seen in Zombie flicks (think World War Z, Mad Max:Fury or Night of the Living Dead): homicidal berserkers in rampaging waves fall upon a peaceful group who must repel the horde with all the weapons at hand.

The Zombies aim to abduct victims,drag them off. Imagine forty thousand of them coming for you, your spouse, your kids. That’s the number  of invaders who showed up at Israel’s Gaza border intending not to protest but to break through the fence and kill or abduct Jews.

Israelis chose to fight, shoot back, protect themselves, their families, and managed to repel the assault without a single one of their own gone crying, blindfolded and hands bound, into some Gazan hellhole:
in a sane world a moral victory.

But in the debasing carnival of our real world the media pounce, portray the Gazans as hapless victims, Israelis as ruthless killers while world glam figures like the handsome Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wring hands for the Hamas Zombies whose tickets got punched.

Of the 62 killed, 50 belonged to the Hamas terrorist organization–a crazy cult as genocidal as Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. They paid citizens one hundred bucks apiece to kill or abduct a Jew. When, in the history of the World, has a ruling dictatorship retained its cowed, menaced citizenry with a one time fee to abduct or kill the inhabitants of a neighboring state? Even in the history of neocolonialist depravities it musty stand as a first.

Reportedly, the crowd were carefully corralled by Hamas military logisticians to be cattle-penned by their own sheer numbers and Women were shoved out into the front lines — a tactical stratagem — as females were deemed less likely to be shot by the ethically-scrupulous IDF. Assigned to walk suicidal point into the line of fire, the lucky ladies were given first shot at toppling the fence, grabbing a Jew: Islamic Fundamentalism’s version of Feminism. Think Palestinian Patty Hearsts in hijabs shoved in front of snipers while male Hamas terrorists, armed, wait behind to hurl explosives, Molotovs or spray automatic fire from AK 47s. Showing incredible restraint, the IDF snipers shot only those who posed a genuine threat to the lives and safety of Israelis. Each discharged round had to be approved by a commander on the scene.

What’s happening in Gaza must be Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale. How else would any sane mother bring her baby to such a grisly outing, as so many Gazan mothers did? The more accurate analogy may be to Jim Jone’s Peoples Temple in Guyana, where mothers force fed poison-spiked Kool Aid to their children under the watchful eyes and guns of the good Reverend’s armed bodyguards.

Gaza has pretty much operated along crazy cult lines since Fatah lost the parliamentary elections of 2006 and Hamas took power at gunpoint in June, 2007, removing the entire Fatah leadership and reportedly throwing some of them from rooves. The brainwashed populace live at their ruthless beck and call. Those opposed simply disappear.

Much is said these days of the World’s collapsing moral order but where to look for clear signs of this is not just in the most obvious death stars like Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon or Gaza but to the West itself, its public treatment of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, where Israel, the only democracy in a sea of nightmare despotisms and faced by perpetual pogroms is dragged by the heels through media mud while killer cults like Hamas strut as liberation heroes.

A good friend of mine, an ultra-orthodox Jew, baffled by the World’s response, asked me yesterday why they do this? Because, I replied, in the old days of pogrom massacre, when gentile majorities took up axe and crowbar to slaughter their helpless Jewish neighbors, all that Jews could do was flee or die. And that was fine by the world, who did nothing to help. Then came the Holocaust in which six million Jews were methodically exterminated within the confines of Europe while in the Middle East Jewish minorities lived in terror for their lives. Again, no hand raised by the World to help.

But Israel changed all that. And unsurprisingly, the normally sanguine world, OK with Jewish death, recoils, outraged, at armed and uniformed Jews of the Israel Defense Forces defending its women, men and children against slaughter. Their outrage is almost comic. Progressives in particular seek to play a moral double mirror game, pretending on the one hand to impugn anti-semitism while doing all it can to stigmatize Israel’s right to self-defense.

But history has shown that no such moral posture can call itself moral for long. Either you support Jewish survival or you enable our slaughter. You cannot mourn the Jews killed at Auschwitz and yet condemn the Jews who repelled the Hamas murder hordes.

You cannot support the lunatic actions of a death cult like Hamas, deny Israel’s right to self-defense and yet expect on looking in the mirror to find there reflected back a moral human being.

Alan Kaufman, an American-Israeli writer, is the author of Jew Boy, a 2nd Generation Holocaust memoir (Cornell University Press) and Matches, a novel (Little, Brown UK) based on his experiences as an Israeli soldier.

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Alan Kaufman is an American-Israeli novelist and memoirist. His latest novel, The Berlin Woman, has just been published by Mandel Vilar Press. His other books include the novels Matches (Little Brown) the memoirs Jew Boy (Cornell University Press) and Drunken Angel (Viva Editions).
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