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The Hebrew term for gratitude is hikarat hatov, Please Vote for BiBi

Sunday night I went to an English Rally for Bibi. It was the most powerful experience of my life. The Hebrew term for gratitude is hikarat hatov, which means, literally, “recognizing the good.” Practicing gratitude means recognizing the good that is already yours. We owe BiBi a tremendous debt of gratitude for standing up to Obama. I also learned how his father was instrumental in helping to form the sta

I was on the fence about going, it was a long trip and I knew I wouldn’t get back to Jerusalem until late. It turned out going gave me the most powerful experience of my life as instead of just seeing words on the computer, I was with BiBi (10 feet away) as he was making history.

I am not exaggerating. Israel is at the crossroads of its existence (again). Since the country has been founded, by those living here and the Holocaust survivors who ran for their lives to establish a home where they could live in peace, there has been no peace.

One war after another has rocked us from bombs and rockets.

No other people in the world would take this murderous abuse, but the Jews have because   G-d tells us to live in this little New Jersey size piece of land and almost as importantly, we have no place else to go.

When we have won against those attacking us (usually the Arabs), the victors and losers were interviewed, and the consensus was that we were the victors, because we were fighting for our lives, with no place to go. The Arabs were just fighting for hate, no reason to give it everything they had, like we had to, to survive.

Israel has always been willing to compromise and all Israeli governments have been willing to make major sacrifices for the sake of peace. However, peacemaking requires concessions as well as confidence-building measures on both sides. Just as Israel is willing to address the rights and interests of the Palestinians, Israel has legitimate rights and interests that need to be addressed. Peace can only be achieved through negotiations to bridge gaps and resolve all outstanding issues.

Israel believes that it can make peace with a moderate Palestinian leadership that rejects terrorism. When in the past, Israel met Arab leaders, like President Sadat of Egypt and King Hussein of Jordan, who spoke the language of peace and were willing to take concrete steps for coexistence, Israel reached agreements with them and peace was achieved. Israel is willing to stand in peace with all the moderate states of the region.

For negotiations to be possible and for them to have a chance to succeed, Palestinian terrorism and incitement, supported by countries such as Iran and Syria, must be brought to an end. Extremist Palestinian elements, such as Hamas, are unwilling to recognize Israel’s very right to exist, and continue to violently act against Israel, against the moderate Palestinian leadership, and against the peace process. As such, they have no place at the negotiating table.

Against this backdrop, we have the new “Deal of the Century. For the first time since the founding of our State, our rights are being recognized. It is no wonder that I, like many others like me, who came to Israel to fulfill the Bible and to avenge my Holocaust family history have felt such a sense of relief.

Sunday night Bibi said:

“The ‘deal of the century,’ the opportunity of the century; we’re never going to have something like this [again], and the only one who will implement it, is me,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu: Blue and White won’t follow through on Trump peace plan

In a special interview with Mark Levin, the host of Fox News show “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Netanyahu explained that Blue and White is “a leftist party in disguise. Remember, the majority of Israelis are right and center-right. So in order to get center-right voters, they [Blue and White] pretend to be a center-right party.”

BiBi repeated these points to me life on Sunday night.

“This is a terrific plan … that’s very good for Israel—it has Israel applying Israeli law, adding to Israel’s sovereign territory important places like the Jordan Valley, which is a strategic buffer against invasion and the smuggling of weapons from the east; it recognizes the legitimacy and sovereignty of Israeli over communities in our ancestral homeland in Judea and Samaria,” he said.

However, he added, the plan “is completely anathema to Blue and White, and their leaders said the opposite just a few months ago. But when the Trump plan came out, they said, ‘Oh, we’re for the Trump plan.’

“There’s only one problem with that: A, they’re not. B, they’ve said horrible things about President Trump just before the Trump plan was announced, like comparing him to Hitler. And three, they’re dependent on the support in the Knesset, in our parliament, to form a government, on the Joint Arab List that says to them: ‘If you actually accept the Trump plan, you won’t be prime minister.’ So they’re not going to adopt the Trump plan.”

This, the prime minister continued, “would be a historic miss. The ‘deal of the century,’ the opportunity of the century; we’re never going to have something like this [again], and the only one who will implement it, is me.”

Israel’s voters, said Netanyahu, understand the stakes.

“I think the voters are getting that message. We have a historic opportunity; I don’t intend to miss it. I intend to do it, but the only way that I can do it is to be elected prime minister, and that’s what I tell the voters,” he told Levin.

“The other guy,” Netanyahu said, referring to Gantz, “is dependent on the Joint Arab List, which refuses to recognize the State of Israel and will certainly not support the Trump plan in any way.”

‘One big con job’

Netanyahu said the two Gantz advisers who compared Trump to Hitler “are the guys who give him the lines,” adding that he has “asked [Gantz] to fire them. But he wouldn’t.”

Levin responded: “I’m familiar with this. Two staffers who refer to our president in one way or another as Hitler, and Mr. Gantz keeps them on board as senior advisers.”

Netanyahu said that Gantz was “being fed by two people. One is an Israeli adviser called Ronen Tzur, he compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler. It’s incredible—the greatest friend we’ve ever had in the White House, he’s compared him to Adolf Hitler.”

The second person, said Netanyahu, “is an American adviser, he’s Joel Benenson. … He worked for Obama. But he, too, did something which I think is illegitimate. He, too, compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler.”

Tzur is a former Knesset member, while Benenson advised not only former U.S. President Barack Obama, but also presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.

“These are the two closest advisers of Benny Gantz, who tell him what to say, when to say it, and so on,” stressed Netanyahu. “They’re [Blue and White] putting on an act. As though they’re for the Trump plan. These people, who call President Trump Hitler, are for President Trump’s plan. Give me a break. So this is one big con job, that’s what it is.”

At the talk, Bibi talked about his Father and his role in helping to form the State of Israel in the first place:

Benzion Netanyahu ( בֶּנְצִיּוֹן נְתַנְיָהוּ,); born Benzion Mileikowsky; March 25, 1910 – April 30, 2012) was an Israeli historian. He served as Professor of History at Cornell University. A scholar of Judaic history, he was also an activist in the Revisionist Zionism movement, who lobbied in the United States to support the creation of the Jewish state.

Bibi talked about how his father had used his influence in writing to the Politicians in the 1940″s in the United States to be open and support the idea of the Jewish State. Bibi learned from his father not to take the demands of Politicians in the US, but to fight against them with public opinion, and as we saw he was able to fight against Obama in his demand for us to return to the 1948 Armistice lines and against the Iran nuclear deal which would have given Iran the ability for another Holocaust and wipe us out.

All in all, we must vote for Bibi for the principal of Hikarat Hatov -recognizing the good he has done for us. This is even without the wonders he has done for the economy and security for the country for the last decade.

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