The hell with peace

When law becomes a consensus

When you listen to the author Edwin Black speak you take a deep breath and you say, something really reeks in our world and it is only getting worse. This is what happened to me when I went to hear Edwin Black, who is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling international investigative author of 120 award-winning editions in 14 languages in 65 countries, as well as scores of newspaper and magazine articles in the leading publications of the United States, Europe and Israel.

Edwin Black-March 11 2014-photo Nurit Greenger
Edwin Black-March 11 2014-photo Nurit Greenger

Mr. Black is currently promoting his latest book Financing The Flames of Hate. While he was speaking, at a breakfast meeting, organized by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, about the content of his book, here is what went through my mind:

Political narcissism is cancer,

The result of forgetting the word truth, the world is experiencing stannic control,

Anti-Semitism is now in abundance… anti-Semitism means that Jews must not have a state of their own and thus must never have genuine human rights… the anti-Semites of today are all in cahoots to bring the Jews back to the exilic status from which they got freed 66 years ago, LAST,

Western societies are willingly paying to kill Jews and the outcome, the more Jews killed the richer the killer and his family become.

To understand that sickening phenomenon, here is what I heard and share, some in Mr. Black’s own words:

“I came to write about this subject after a kidnapping occurred while the watchdogs have muzzled themselves and refused to bark. It is the kidnapping of the human rights movements and the charitable movements as a highly politicized and weaponized form of attacks against Israel, all done with tax payer’s dollars – and Euros. People in the Unites States, Canada, Britain and the European countries, choosing between food and fuel, are spending their hard earned money to promote peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis in the Holy Land. But the money spent, is doing the exact opposite, and in fact is financing, creating, and incentivizing a culture of confrontation, and event terrorism. Because this tax payers’ dollars and Euro, illegally financing terror acts.

Here is how it works:
You can go from being a no body in the Palestinian Authority and become a national hero, from rags to riches, by committing an act of terrorism with the understanding that American tax payer’s have been an endless pot of gold to formulate the reward at the end of the terror act.

Case scenarios: Let us say you are an Arab-Palestinian villager with no money and no prospects, because of the 20% unemployment in the Palestinians Authority, and you go and commit an act of terrorism, like you stab a person on a bus, you blow up a bus, you invade a Jewish home and you slice the throat of infants, while they are sleeping in their beds, you will immediately go on an official Palestinian Authority salary. This salary is on a sliding scale system, which is, the more people you harm or kill, the higher is your salary. This salary comes with a civilian rank, depending on the number of people you killed, the amount of damage you have done, you can earn the title manager, or director, even become an assistant deputy minister, all by harming or killing enough JEWS. The money awarded to the person who committed the terrorism act is about $300-to-$500 a month, if he or she received 3-5 months prison sentence and up to thousands of dollars a month, if he or she received 25 years prison sentence. And, no matter how long is the sentence the person has received, everyone knows that he or she will never complete the sentence because they are almost sure they will be released in the next prisoners’ swap, or the next discussion to discuss a prisoners’ swap.

Because by now the Arabs know that the preconditions for the Israelis to having any discussion with them is a release of prisoners.

“There is an entire ministry in the PA called the Ministry of Prisoners, devoted to the distribution of this money. This ministry’s budget of approximately $5-$7 million US dollars, which is 6% of the PA total budget goes to this one program, paying terrorists for the successful terrorism act. The PA’s budget is further encumbered by another 10%, bringing the total budget to 16%, when they pay for terrorists’ wedding, scholarships, educational programs, naming soccer teams after a terrorist, renaming streets, celebrations of terrorists and their acts, bonus payments, and the money is issued directly to the prisoner while he or she is in jail. The prisoner receives a PA (Power of Attorney) and he or she then designates who will receive this money whether it is his mother, his wife or girlfriend, his soccer club, Al Fatah, perhaps his lawyer and he or she can change his or her mind from time to time.

There is an NGO (Non Government Organization) in the Palestinian Authority called the Prisoners’ Club that makes sure that every dollar the PA receives is prioritized; whatever money the PA has in their bank, no matter if there are starving kids in need for attention, or medical needs, the money goes first and foremost to the prisoners’ salaries. In fact, the deal is so well known and lucrative that for instance Husnar Nejaff, an Arab-Palestinian, had a deliberate terrorist scheme so he can get enough money to pay for his son’s wedding, this is how well known it is.

This is all no secret, rather it is shouting from the rooftops by the PA, it is on the PA TV, it is in the daily discussions; the entire PA government is aware of this, the entire Israeli establishment is aware of this, the entire Jewish media has been aware of this for a long time, the New York Times and the LA Times have been aware of this, the foreign ministries throughout the EU have been aware of it, Secretary of State Kerry is specifically aware of this, the only ones who are not aware of this are the legislators in the Parliaments, and the constituents who are paying the money that is being diverted to the specific named terrorist’s act, for specific terrorist individuals, on a sliding scale that heightens with the more Jewish people they kill. No one is denying that this program exists, and they are embarrassed with it, but the Jewish media and the national media do not want to publish this information because if they publish this information they will have to explain why they did not publish it a year ago, two years ago?! But now it is in the open.

Mr. Black spoke to the British Parliament on February 5th, to the EU Parliament in Brussels on February 12th, on the 20th to the Knesset, and the very recent, he spoke to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on terrorism financing, and they all asked the same question, why we did not know? Right this minute there is a movement among the EU members to rectify this problem, based on why funding should continue to be given to the PA if it directly funds terrorism acts.

The Zionist Federation in Britain is launching a petition, if they get 5,000 signature, there must be a response from Whitehall, if they get 10,000 signature they get a response from the British Parliament, and if they get 100,000 signatures it is on the table with the British parliament on where the money is going.”

Right now, tracking the route of the funds, Edwin has come up against falsity and charade, because people do not want to admit what they have known for years that they are directly funding terrorism acts and when a terrorist gets ready to blow-up the bus, he or she do not do a visa check, they do not ask how many Americans, get off the bus, how many are Jews or Polish, they simply blow up a bus. “When donors tell the PA do not spend our money on terrorism acts, the PA has the audacity to call this money “Donors’ Filth”. The idea that the West gives them money, more than America gave all of Europe during the Marshal’s Plan, they call it “Donors’ Filth”! So this is one way in which tax payers’ money supports and funds terrorism.

No excuse, no story; the money is switched, back and forth, between ministries.

One other form of how American tax payers’ money goes to fuel confrontation and hurts Israel’s chances for peace, is the NGOs Human Rights Movement.

By law, Human Rights must not have political aspirations, and all people must be protected and defended by the same Human Rights. But that is not the regime that had been financed and made real, on the ground, by the like of George Soros Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation and the New Israel Fund, all of whom are prime movers in the Human Rights Movement.

The New Israel Fund (NIF): gave in recent years some quarter of a billion dollars to some 800 NGOs in Israel. Many of these NGOs do good work like helping battered wives, working on equality between different ethnic groups, and help disadvantage people. But, about 80 of these NGOs, that includes the NIF, are engaged in a campaign to destabilize the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In other words, it is now a fact that Egypt cannot overcome the Jewish state with tanks in Sinai, that Syria cannot come over the IDF on the hills on the Golan Heights, so the NIF has opened up an new military front right in the heart of Israel, just around the corner of every Israeli.”

When Edwin did his research in Israel he had complete, undisruptive access to the military, the peace movement, the NGOs establishment in Israel, and the complete hierarchy, from top to bottom, of the NIF, who were given a chance to rebut, explain or correct every word he will be saying in his book. This book can become obsolete tomorrow if the NIF and the George Soros Foundations would open their hearts and do the right thing that is, that Jews have the right to be in Israel.

Many thing that are done by the NIF will be illegal in the United States because of the fashion in which they manipulate the situation or discriminate against Jews.

“Here is how it works: Every Friday, at about 1:00pm, there is a scheduled riot in a village called an-Nabi Samwil or al-Nabi Samuil in Judea (“West bank”), comprised of two streets, with 550 residents, their heritage goes back to the post Mohamed era, all one extended family, the Tamimi family.

“When they riot, as they riot, they are playing for the camera, camera which, in many cases, comes from an organization called B’Tselem, financed by New Israel Fund. They claim, falsely, that they are not allowed to protest which they are. Every Friday they are visibly march around their village and they come down to a point near the road that connects Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They try take that road and the IDF soldiers stand there too. The soldiers try stand there like stones not to be provoked as these protesters, deliberately, harass the soldiers, insult their mothers, sisters, their religion, insult their humanity, nationality, their commanders. The protesters’ children are trained to be pushed into loaded M16 guns and wave Palestinian flags over the face masks of the Israeli soldiers. That child endangerment, tax money enables it, by encouraging it, and by international it is a war crime to use children as human shields. They dance around the soldiers, sometimes inches from their noses, what you could not do the a meter maid in Washington. You could not do that to a gas reader in New York or to a traffic cop in Los Angeles. When they finally provoke a soldier, while the video cameras are rolling, they report the incident as a violent military response and then they try to get the soldier investigated and prosecuted , often in foreign jurisdiction; and who is doing that? Another NIF grantee called Adalah.

The volunteers for the NGO B’Tselem are the same people living in the households of those planning these riots. This is a paliywood operation. This is all happening in a remote village in the Palestinian Authority, and they speak Arabic. They are confronting Israeli soldiers while speaking Hebrew, but the entire riot is in English for the outside world to “witness.”

B’Tselem is funded by NIF, by entities controlled by Iran and Saudi Arabia. So what do Iran and NIF have in common to fund B’Tselem? It is another group called Adalah, Justice in Arabic, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, funded by the New Israel Fund, that also affects the tax payers. For every million dollars the NIF or any other Fund with C3 tax deductible has, $440,000 is out of the tax payer’s pocket. So the American tax payer is paying that money, through the front or back door.

“Adalah is the organization that brags the most for being behind the Goldstone report, now canceled. When Israel takes action in the Gaza strip, they report Israel for war crimes and try get them prosecuted. But, when the rockets come flying from Gaza Strip into Israel, they do nothing! And they know that they get American money to do what they do; and they know that American money requires to treat people equally and one cannot discriminate against because the rockets happen to hit a Jew. Their answer, they never saw it that way. And that what you mean justice?

“Back at al-Nabi Samuil, there is a woman who is the prime, top tier riot planner who plans each week’s riots.

Here is her job description: there is a riot, people get injured, she gets $85.00, no injury, no money! She is being retained by the WCLAC Women Center For Law and Counseling, funded by George Soros Open Society Foundations and whenever there is an Israeli action that results in any type of injury, including from teargas and smoke grenade, she runs up the report and submits them and for that she gets $85.00, which is 4 times the normal Arab-Palestinian wage in that neck of the woods.

So bottom line, peace does not pay! Because if you ask the Arab-Palestinians to stop doing this for peace, it is like asking the Saudis to stop pumping oil out of the sand. This is the main export of the Arab-Palestinians.

New Israel Fund (NIF) say, they stand by their efforts to strengthen the Israeli democracy. Really? What the NIF is really doing is being engaged in undermining the Israel democracy. Here is HOW:

The most fundamental aspect of democracy, going back centuries, is the concept of voting in your own Harland, equal vote for equal groups. The NIF has perfected the ability to convince Israeli members of Knesset not to vote in their own Knesset and they are doing this off American tax payers’ money, and they brag about it on their own websites. More than that, while the people who want peace are moved into the shadows, through experts’ manipulations of International law, with paliwood tactics they are able to put those who want to coexist with Israel into the shadows. Every day, there are about 35,000 Arab Palestinians who go to work in Israeli working sites, they get equal pay for equal wages. To go to work they have their faces covered; this is the dream to have Israeli and Arab Palestinians working side by side in equality. When people mention SodaStream, it is anti-Semitism because of this factory was being run by Mormons from Utah, or Catholic Nuns from Poland, this operation would be up for Noble Prize, but it is run by Jews.

When they throw in your face that SodaStream violates International Law this is a bogus claim.

International Law began in Israel and the Holy Land with the Treaty of San Remo in March 24th 1924, Article 6 that states that “the Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.”

“The Treaty of San Remo was not done in the middle of the night, it was debated for decades since the beginning of the decline of the Ottomans Empire, which was the sick man of Europe, and was discussed since the end of the 19th century with the rise of ethnic nationalism, meaning, the desire to have self determination for people who identified themselves with their linguistic, religious, cultural or geographic identity. The Jewish one started in 1890s with the Herzl Movement. This piece of International Law, which was based on the Balfour Declaration, which was one of a half a dozen declarations: the Woodrow Wilson Declaration, the French Declaration, the German Declaration during WWI, the Turkish Talak Declaration, welcoming Jews in, which was the basis for the signed agreement between King Faisal and Chaim Weizmann, in Eilat, in 1919, witnessed by Lawrence of Arabia.

The Jews were suppose to get the Palestine land and the Arabs were supposed to get Syria. When the Arabs did not get Syria, because the French would not give them Syria, in 1920 they invented the world ‘nakba’ the catastrophe because the French would not give the Arabs their promised state in Syria.

The Treaty of San Remo was unanimously accepted by 59 countries members of the League of Nations. It became international law by that, reaffirmed in the UN Charter, in article 90, specifically chapters 75-79.

Interestingly enough, the Arab community declined to form its national aspiration with the geographic marker in San Remo, 1920; in 1937 with the Peel Commission, which called for two states for two people; when Israel was born in 1948, the condition was, there will be a ceasefire but no lines will be drawn, they refused. The Jordanians took the “West Bank,” which they illegally occupied and did not form a Palestinian State, the Egyptians took Gaza and did not form a Palestinian State. When Israel survived the 1967 defensive war, the conditions of the ceasefire, again, that there will be no lines and so was after the Yom Kippur war, there will be ceasefire but there will be no lines. Then the Oslo Accords, the Area C is designated as the place where SodaStream can exist, based on almost a century of International Law and International Jurisprudence. And Oxfam has the Chutzpah to say it violates International Law.

And we must be able to answer that and ask the same question, which International Law? Tell it to me.

For achieving their goal to try destroy Israel its detractors ignore International law, created their own laws in which they believe as a consensus.

The International Criminal Court never gave an opinion, just an advisory thought, no judgment. It has never been adjudicated.
So one must ask, when it has become a Palestinian land? They do not know but we must know.

For 500 years, during the Ottoman Empire, Palestine was part of Syria’s as a backwater. The land was called Judea, the Jews came from Iraq and the Palestinians came from Greece.

So for 500 years Palestine was Syria’s backwater and no one in the world community cared about Palestine. Until the Jews, who followed the law, came to the land and made Palestine the State of Israel.

In April 28th 1858, there was an effort to raise money to pay off the Ottoman debt commission because the Ottoman Empire was broke because it had financed so many wars and was bankrupt. They passed the Ottoman Land Code and Registration Laws of 1858 and 1859, establishing an office called Tapu in Turkish and Tabu in Palestine. The law said that it will be possible for regular civilians to register land in their own name.

Here is how it worked in the land of Palestine: If you are down in the valleys where there is fertile land and water, you have good, useful land; that is where all the Arab-Palestinians are living. The Jews, took lands, under international legal supervision, that were abandoned, were unused, unworked, under the Treaty of San Remo and Sèvres. Under the Ottoman Land Registration law, land that was not worked for 10 years was available for purchase. And here is where the Apartheid state comes in:

People say that Israel is an apartheid state, which is one other blood libel against the Jews. The reason there are two sets of laws, one in Israel proper and one in Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”) is because under international law you cannot extend your civilian legal system into occupied territory. Without determining the issue of sovereignty Judea and Samaria are in a sovereignty limbo. It is anomalous non sovereignty piece of territory. In order to exist there, you must observe the pre existing laws in that area which is the Ottoman Land Code and Registration Laws of 1858, the internationally recognized Palestine mandate law, which was recognized by 59 countries, which is part of the UN charter, and the illegal occupations laws of the Jordanian civil administration when it took over to occupy and never to have created a Palestinian state or Palestinian enterprise in the what they named the “West Bank.” When these lands are unworked, they are available to be bought, allowed to be worked. And so the Israelis went in with the caterpillars and Zionist spirit, removed the rocks and planted trees, build the buildings and built the factories one such is SodaStream. All is done legally, under international law. And that obedience to international law is falsely called apartheid.

“We need to call them out and we need to call our leaders out, who will not call them out, by saying there is no apartheid in Israel; the real apartheid is the one they are planning in the West Bank, a state which will be Judenfrei, based on the Nazi formula, which was enshrined in the Arab-Palestinian minds after the alliance between the international Moslems and the Arab-Palestinian community with Adolf Hitler, led by Mufti of Jerusalem.

The question is, is peace possible? Peace is not possible between Arabs and Israelis. Not now, not yet. What is possible right now and for the years to come is peaceful coexistence. Peaceful coexistence is possible and we witness it when 35,000 Arab-Palestinians go to work daily, working side by side with Israelis, having equal conditions with their Israel counterparts. But it is difficult for them in the shadows, when we are making it so vibrant and it gets to be a remunerated enterprise to engage in conflict, terrorism, and confrontation.

Peaceful coexistence might be possible in one generation, and then, the next generation something closer to peace and perhaps in three-to-four generations a true Shalom, true peace, but not now, not in our life time.

We have already reconciled with the Germans, with the Japanese, who had death marches where they severed heads for sports of American men.
But, peace is not possible, even peaceful coexistence is not possible when we are financing the flames of confrontation.

We, the people, are allowed and empowered to dream the dream, if you can face the harsh realities of our past, and of our future. Know the facts and then dream the dreams.”

Carol Black, Nurit Greenger and Edwin Black--March 11 2014-photo Nurit Greenger
Carol Black, Nurit Greenger and Edwin Black–March 11 2014-photo Nurit Greenger

The conventional wisdom, or the popular alibi, wants us to believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to ride out Obama’s last term, due to end in January 2017. However, Netanyahu & Co. continue to bend over backwards to keep the chimerical “peace process” alive ignoring all that Edwin Black describes in his book. To paraphrase Winston Churchill’s retort to Neville Chamberlain: Netanyahu, you were given a choice between chasing false peace or living under the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons. You chose the possible false “peace” and you did not receive it, and now Iran has its bomb.

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