The Humans We Were

“Tel Aviv Strip Mall Shooting”
“Terror Strikes Jerusalem”
“Rockets Fly at Israel”

Wait a second, what happened to the Jews?

A brilliant leader of world Jewry observes that “when people have sought to justify Antisemitism they have done so by recourse to the highest voice of that age.”

Dehumanization, always prelude to Antisemitic violence, follows the same script. Time and again the Jews find themselves cast in the role of enemy absolute and cast out of the caste of the saved.

To the Cross, the Jew was the unsaved. “Don’t you know that your Testament is Old? Haven’t you heard? The messiah has come and washed it all away! The Prince has drawn for all mankind a tender circle of salvation – won’t you kindly step inside?”

Centuries on, having thrown off the bonds of clerical control, nationalism was sanctified as the new god of Europe. The Darwinian theory, so sweet, simple and succinct, divulged a pretty secret – the Nordic “blonde haired blue eyed beast”, was forged – evolved – in the bitter northern cold to unrivaled strength and cunning. Man’s choicest achievements ranging from antiquity to modernity, from England to India were born of Aryan pedigree.

But there was one gnawing flaw which scuttled the white man’s final ascendancy to world power – that oriental fragility – that pestering Jewish poppycock that ‘right makes might’, that ethics is something more than a slave morality – an ‘invention of the weak to restrain the strong’. It was now that the Superman – the ubermensch – was to arise.

I             Ubermensch (Superman)
I                         Aryans
I————————————————-Line of
I                          Jews                             Salvation
I            Untermensch (Underling)

Well, the world learned it’s lesson! Religion inspires tribalism. Labels divide into “us” and “them”. Let’s come off what’s different and come together over what’s the same. To build a better world, we should all take the Social Justice pledge – human beings in, nations out, Palestinian people in, the Israeli government…

^                Political Entities
I             Israel/Zionism (Jews)
I————————————————–Line of
I                  Palestinians                           Salvation
I                  Human Beings

Aryanism’s downward motion which subhumanized has been replaced by Social Justice’s upward motion which superhumanized.

A non-Jewish body cannot be the target of Antisemitism. So, to outfox anti-Antisemitism Social Justice warriors have managed to unlink the Jewish state from the Jewish people. This ruse has cast a wide net, catching even the noble Amcha Initiative which routinely refers to Israel, Israelis and her few on-campus collaborators as “Zionists”. For all practical purposes, in the context of “the Conflict”, the Jewish people no longer exist.

And whereas in old Antisemitic arenas the dehumanization of the Jews was exclusively a gentile enterprise, today, Jews, especially young American ones are instrumental in stripping Israel’s Jews of their humanity.

How many times have we heard “I’m Anti-Zionist, I’m not Antisemitic – how could I be? I’m Jewish.”

So like, ya, maybe Israel does ‘represent’ you, or maybe not.

American – – – – – – – – – > Israel

Israel ————————–> Jews

But Israel has no other identity save it’s Jewish one.

The whole episode brings to mind a famous piece in the Talmud about Shabbat. In the case, a man chops off the head of a chicken to make a plaything for his son. Now, slaughter is prohibited on Shabbat – since its one of the thirty-nine creative labors from which God refrained. “But”, the man mutters in self-defense, “I had no intention of killing it!”

Criticism against Israel, is criticism against Jews.
Terrorism against Israel is terrorism against Jews.
Boycott against Israel is boycott against Jews.
Nuclear warfare against Israel is nuclear warfare against Jews.

To conclude:

Israel is a government, Zionism is a political cause.
The Palestinians are a people, Palestinianism is a human rights cause.

Who do you think carries the hearts and minds of the Western world in the age of humanism and Social Justice?

Not only were Israel’s three forays into Gaza “disproportionate”.
The entire conflict is disproportionate.

About the Author
Zach Korner lives in Jerusalem. He is working on a book "Illustrations of the Israel Palestinian Conflict."
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