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The Humiliation of the Congressional Black Caucus

The Media and The Left have spent the period from July 16, 2016 (when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for President), until today – just over 1 and 1/2 years – trying to convince the American public that he is a racist and an anti-Semite.

Something quite startling – but unsurprising – was finally revealed this week in America and it received negligible attention in The Media and from The Left.

Seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), not as private citizens, but while serving actively as Members of Congress have had meetings with Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, and, arguably, one of the most unapologetic anti-Semites in America.

This comes as no surprise to anyone, least of all anyone from Chicago where Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is based. In 1978, he broke away from Elijah Mohammed’s and Malcolm X’s Nation of Islam, and in 1981, he held his first Saviour’s Day Convention in Chicago and “took back” the name of the Nation of Islam.

I will not dignify the filth and ignorance that spews from this man’s mouth. I would rather focus on those who choose to meet with him,  how they characterize him and attempt to rationalize their interactions with him.

The seven members of Congress are Barbara Lee (D-California), Andre Carson (D-Indiana), Gregory Meeks (D-New York), Al Green (D-Texas), Maxine Waters (D-California), Danny Davis (D-Illinois) and Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota).

After this list of seven CBC members was posted, it was announced by The Daily Caller that the third highest-ranking Democratic member of Congress, James Clyburn (D-South Carolina), attended a 2011 event with Minister Farrakhan and shared the stage with him. His response was that he “was not bothered in the least bit” by criticisms of his having attended an event with Farrakhan.

Of course, Maxine Waters and Al Green have been among the most vocal proponents of impeaching Donald Trump. In Al Green’s impeachment resolution – which was very short on detail – he condemned the President’s “defense of white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA” as one of the reasons he was “unfit to be President”.

Maxine Waters, about whom there is some lingering question about whether she actually resides in the district she claims to represent, has become famous for declaring “Impeach 45!” everywhere she goes. She claims we need to “confront the fact that this president appears to be unstable…” and that Congress “…should be moving on impeachment.” She has been uncharacteristically silent since the Farrakhan story has surfaced.

And Danny Davis, who represents substantial portions of Chicago, had this to say about the revelations about his associations with The Minister: “The world is so much bigger than Farrakhan and the Jewish question. For those heavy into it, that’s their thing, but it ain’t my thing.” He called Farrakhan “an outstanding human being”. Yesterday, Davis’ office called the Anti-Defamation League claiming that he had been misquoted by The Daily Caller.

How ironic that in my last post I addressed the nonsensical article compiled by the ADL regarding the rise of anti-Semitism in America which essentially laid the blame at the feet at Donald Trump’s incendiary language.

The CBC is far more responsible for a level of tolerance for anti-Semitism in its normalization of Minister Farrakhan than Trump ever was. And Danny Davis goes to the ADL to get some cover from Jonathan Greenblatt? That is rich.

Oh, but I saved the best for last. Congressman Keith Ellison who wanted to be Chairman of the Democratic Party. As a student at the University of Minnesota, he referred to Farrakhan as “a model for black youth”. He advocated for a separate country for Black Americans. He defended the cop killer Assata Shakur who had fled to Cuba and praised Fidel Castro for giving her sanctuary.

But all was well in 2006 when he first ran for Congress and wrote a letter to Jewish community leaders in which he disavowed his former ties to Farrakhan and condemned his anti-Semitic views.

As we have become accustomed when dealing with The Left, a letter or speech of contrition is usually all that’s necessary to absolve one of a lifetime of behavior that stands in opposition to the contritional statement. Take the twenty years that Obama attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church, for example, where sermons often contained anti-Semitic content which the former President doesn’t recall hearing.

But the true nature of the CBC was revealed this week in a different form. A photo from 2005 was released that shows Senator Barack Obama with Minister Farrakhan. The picture was taken at a CBC event, and even at the moment the photo was taken, there was an acknowledgment that it could be so harmful to Obama’s political aspirations, the photographer was persuaded to surrender the original to Minister Farrakhan’s Chief of Staff by the CBC. The photo has never been seen and no doubt may have affected Obama’s campaign.

As extraordinary as this photo is, as the CBC does its best to normalize its relationship with the most visible anti-Semite in America, as The Media and The Left does the same with repugnant figures like Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory (because hating and opposing Donald Trump outranks any embrace of Louis Farrakhan), one cannot help but wonder what could be so embarrassing that The Los Angeles Times has refused to release the tape of Barack Obama paying tribute to Rashid Khalidi in 2003 when he was leaving Chicago to teach at Columbia.

Khalidi was Yassir Arafat’s spokesperson in the 1970’s, has consulted with the Palestinian Authority on “peace” negotiations and defends the right of Palestinians to “resist” Israeli occupation. While certainly “moderate” by today’s standards, Khalidi’s association with the terrorist Arafat and Obama’s fondness for him would have been at odds with his self-characterization as “a liberal Jew”. It just flies in the face of The Press that a newspaper of The Left would intentionally keep this tape under wraps in the same way that the CBC kept the photo of Obama and Farrakhan hidden.

The New York Times had no issue publishing The Pentagon Papers, Woodward and Bernstein became wealthy arbiters of what constitutes a “fair press” because of their exposure of Watergate, but today – when we now know what the FBI and the Department of Justice was willing to do to protect Hillary Clinton’s candidacy – how can The Press and the CBC possibly defend its ignorance of this blatant anti-Semitism, particularly when it is done so dismissively, is the epitome of hypocrisy.

The Democratic Party and the Congressional Black Caucus need to make an unequivocal break with Louis Farrakhan as quickly as possible, and they should be pressured to do so by The Press which is so quick to condemn anyone with a soft spot for intolerance of any kind.

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