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The Hypocrisy of God and Race

Let’s face it – it’s a new age and a dire necessity of contemporary progressivism has come to include dismissal of all religion. So the immense controversy over the existence and identity of a Jewish State makes sense, yes?

Then again…why all the expectations and high standards for Israel? ISIS runs rampant through the Middle East, while Iran is ruled by a theocracy which caused a mass migration of Iranians that still continues over thirty years after it began – and meanwhile, the focus remains on Israel for being an ‘impossible’ religious democracy.

Now let’s not kid ourselves. Granting the ultra-Orthodox too much (or perhaps any) influence over Knesset decisions would count as theocratic and an awful move. Yet Israel as an entire nation is constantly in the spotlight for allegedly claiming to be something it’s not – largely due to its identity as a Jewish nation. Not the Vatican, not Iran – but Israel is scolded for wanting to operate under a religious vale in an age where the latest trend has become to have no religion at all. Now let’s set aside for a moment the fact that it is just as possible to shove Atheism down someone’s throat as it is Christianity or Islam. Moreover, what these critics also fail to realize is that Judaism is not only a religion, but an ethnicity. There are plenty of ethnic Jews who haven’t observed a single holiday in their lives…most of Israel’s current population, for example.

So then, what’s the issue? The dilemma here is that, in addition to the outlaw of religion, the contemporary Left has mandated the rescue of the oppressed ‘non-whites’ by the oppressive ‘whites’. We see this from the series of white policeman-on-black civilian incidents in the U.S. to the countless reports of IDF soldiers beating on (always) ‘innocent’ Palestinians. Not only does this latest trend tend to assume that one’s cultural background makes them inherently victim or oppressor (a prejudiced concept in itself), but it also makes a white race out of Judaism, a non-white race out of Arabs and Islam and attempts to draw a correlation between Black suffering and Muslim suffering.

The solidarity parade is cute, no? Except that it represents an entirely bigoted and infactual prism around significant issues of race and identity. Need we repeat? Islam is not a race – it is not even identifiable in one’s genetics. Judaism, on the other hand, is. Jews marched with Blacks in their struggle against segregation in the U.S., while Islamic theocracies aided the Nazi forces. In fact, I doubt the SS considered the Jews white at all. Of course there are scattered events of racism against Blacks in Israeli society, as in every society and it’s something the Knesset must deal with – and yet, Israel saved hundreds of Ethiopians from severe drought and war. Just what have Islamic powers ever done for the Blacks of any nation? Oh right, there was that cult following Malcolm X, most popular among convicts. Great atmosphere that must have been.

The fact remains that this entire discourse fails to draw realistic connections between scenarios, instead preferring trendy and convenient building blocks to an ever-growing persecution complex of a ‘victim’ minority that has somehow managed to surpass one billion strong.

Bottom line: You can’t call for an end to religion and then turn around and defend one of the two largest religions on Earth. And no, it’s not okay because Muslims are ‘non-white’.

Religion has no color.

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Sarah Katz is a UC Berkeley alumna, cyber security engineer, and author.
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