The Hypocrisy of Self-Proclaimed Progressives in Modern Day Social Media: You Too Are Misguided

When I read this article, all I could think to myself was how fitting that the Jewish owners sell the Bataclan hall two months prior and then migrate to Israel like many European Jews have been doing in these last couple of years (from my knowledge of events 2006 forward) with the rise of anti-Semitism. I wondered if the previous threats to the location was a factor.

Many Jews have been victims of violent crimes in Europe and have migrated to Israel to feel safer. (hard to understand I know) This could be attributable to various factors such as attitudes that have persisted over the years, a declining economy (as was the case prior to the Holocaust and at the end of WWI), and some of the people who have entered into Europe. You know, the stuff the media doesn’t discuss because Jews, the less than 1% on this planet don’t actually control the media and is just not a popular topic that most care about. People who keep writing this on social media need to stop because it’s actually one of the oldest told lies about Jews to get people in the numbers to rally against them. The Nazis used the discredited publication called the Elders of Zion in German classrooms as a way to persuade the public of the Jews’ conspiracy to dominate economic and political powers. If we did control the media, I assure you we are doing a terrible job.

I find it incredible the degree of hypocrisy on my newsfeed from the self-proclaimed progressives that think they are not racist in anyway they express themselves neither today nor even before the terrorist attacks in Paris. “Progressives” are usually the first people to voice a concern that no entire group regardless of their identity, gender, race, religion, etc. should be held collectively culpable for the acts of others in their group. (Remember this as you read on) I tend to find myself more often on the side of the progressives for the groups/causes I defend and therefore, it is important for me to try to be heard through this message.

How ironic, how convenient, it is to see everyone sharing the poll numbers of how Jews were viewed back then to be taken as refugees as if you cared about our past, our present, and our future because the truth is that the hate is not just coming from terrorists or just one group. The Holocaust didn’t end because people suddenly cared about Jews after many years and over 6 million deaths. It ended because suddenly it started affecting others and others’ interests. You could say they were “distracted”, but people knew about it and let it happen, the evidence is there.

If that event did not happen, there would be no International Criminal Court, no focused discussions of human rights, nothing. The lessons that event had in store for the world, not just Jews, have long been forgotten. Also impressive that so many people (on various continents) that have worked so hard to deny the Holocaust, temporarily and partially want to acknowledge our history for a group of people that have actively denied it? Talk about perverting an event, but I do agree that these refugees deserved our attention a long time ago. Even more ironic, at the same time that poll was trending was the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority permitting anti-Israel hate propaganda, but repeatedly not pro-Israel ads. Equality in Freedom of Speech? Spare me.

Moreover, I find it unbelievable that no one says anything about Israel or includes them as terrorist attack victims in any social media pic or post (“America you’re misguided” article is also misguided). Yes, I get most people think they know what goes on in most those places yet have never physically been there and make justifications they would never make if their own life was being discussed. If I hadn’t been there, I would not feel as compelled to defend this incredible place.

Without diving into the conflict, I must say if you sincerely believe that Israelis don’t suffer at all in the middle of it or you don’t care about their lives, then you need to check yourself if you are shouting pray for the world and unity, because last I checked Israeli’s are still a part of it. Would you pray for them if you knew Israeli’s are not just Jewish? Israeli Christians, Israeli Arabs, Israeli Bedouins, Israeli Druze, etc. (do you even know what a Druze is?). Have you heard of all the Ethiopians Israel has saved over the years? There’s also a ton of secular people out there in case Atheists are curious and it’s one of the best places to be Gay. One of their best Prime Ministers was a woman (Golda Meir). Freedom of speech is so big that they allow themselves to be criticized and even permit the lies made against them that hurt them be placed out there. Are these not relatable topics for progressives? You hate that? You are anti-all that?

That itty-bitty place the size of New Jersey knows more about striving for co-existence even in the face of violence than most of you would ever know hiding behind your computer spreading ideas as opposed to subjecting yourself to the natural stress of living in that environment every day. You would also be surprised how normal it is to see all of them walking and working side by side in many places. You know, the “boring” stuff the media doesn’t show you. Maybe you’ve heard of the injured Syrians that have been treated in the hospitals by Israel that were surprised to find out Jews weren’t as bad as they thought? Yes, a lot of people who come from the neighboring countries believe this. Maybe you also heard of the few remaining Jews in Syria that Israel has saved over the years? You know, the country that understood the world would take too long to care and to take joint responsibility to build a better world.

Also, I can’t imagine what other country would save them when having more Arab nations hasn’t saved the Muslim refugees. Maybe you’ve heard of the Swedish Foreign Minister basically saying Israel was to blame for the Paris attacks when ISIS clearly stated it was on behalf of the situation in Syria? The South African President seemed to have made a similar attribution. Maybe you’ve heard of the Spanish Judge issuing an arrest warrant for Netanyahu should he step foot in Spain again? Where are the arrest warrants for all their neighboring countries’ leadership that actively oppress their own people and where racism is written into their own laws in a way that should not be a surprise for why Christians, Jews, Muslims among themselves, and any other group of people don’t continuously flourish together?

I have never heard any Muslim friend of mine that has left his/her country have anything good to say about any of their leaders. Is this not why people leave their countries? Or if you already criticize those countries’ leaders, what holds you back from criticizing Hamas or the Palestinian Authority? Why are they untouchable in this three-way mess? You seriously don’t think they hurt their own people and don’t become selfishly richer in the process with the funds they receive designed to help their people? Have most of you who sympathize having come from backgrounds of corrupt governments forgotten how this all works? Anything is possible.

Maybe you’ve heard of the US listing the Jewish senators who would be voting on the Iran deal and the White House and Obama questioning their loyalties as Americans because that too is an old tactic of anti-Semitism! (see treatment of Senator Schumer) A Jew can’t just disagree with an idea without dividing him/her loyalty to another race as in they will never be [insert nationality here] enough (i.e., American, German, etc.). In someway or another, history has taught us that political figures enjoy using Jews as a device. Usually Jews are blamed for something completely unrelated as another distraction from discussing or fixing the real issues.

Maybe you’ve heard President Obama acknowledge all other hate crimes, but when it’s Jews in Paris’s Kosher Supermarket on a Friday (Shabbat Dinner preparations), it’s just “random folk”? Why? Was the synagogue attacked in Denmark during a Bat Mitzvah in the days that followed also filled with “random folk”? Should I just tell everyone that asks me what my religion is that I am a practicing/identified “random folk”? I will respect that he does not want to name extremism, but the violent attacks against Jews must be named as attacks on Jews. Otherwise he passively permits the very ignorance into our country that it is okay which is how anti-Semitism occurs in the first place.

It basically takes my question from do Israeli lives matter to a more basic question of do Jewish lives matter? Do I matter? He also doesn’t name 18-year-old Ezra Schwartz, the American Jewish Tourist who innocently died while he was in Israel during a terrorist attack, but he does insert his opinion on a trial for an American Palestinian and specifically honor with names the Americans lost in France and Mali. Was his life being lost any less part of a “heinous, evil, vile act” and not considered part of the “fight back against what can only be considered an assault on our common humanity?” That American tourist could have been me.

Most violent acts on Jews have not gotten coverage unless they were tied to a prior highly televised attack (when it affects others) as was the case in France and Denmark. However, everyone mourned the Charlie Hebdo incident, but I do not recall any non-Jew on my newsfeed mourning the Kosher Supermarket incident. At that point, I realized the world had started to hold Jews collectively culpable for the acts of Israel. So in the end, Israel is the new politically correct way to hate Jews? A lot of Jews have never even been to Israel and you can imagine how unacceptable it would be if we held Muslims culpable for all the acts of those in their countries, especially given that there are so many.

Further, maybe you’ve heard of all the groups that have been formed around the world including the US or even the EU itself with discriminatory commercial practices to fight against the Jewish State ONLY even though they hurt the Palestinians by taking steps from Hitler’s own playbook? (Labeling products) Maybe you heard of the Spanish Festival that originally denied Matisyahu, an AMERICAN Jew (see in the end the country name doesn’t even matter) based on pressure from the BDS movement? He’s just one of many famous examples.

Maybe you’ve heard of the student organizations that seek to silence the Jews on their college campuses even though they “say” their mission is something else? Like an edited picture of a girl at FIU that could have endangered her, the UCLA girl being denied a student government position, or the fraternity that woke up to their house in swastikas. Perhaps the most outrageous I had read was in South Africa at Durban University of Technology Students Representative Council calling for the Jews to be expelled. Various houses have started to appear with swastikas more than I have ever seen in my lifetime in the US, but at least not as bad as Europe with the hundreds of Jewish tombstones being defaced and dismantled in France and Hungary. As you may be able to tell, anti-Semitism is sometimes direct in act, many times masked in someway, and a distraction and an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for greater ills that energy should be used to tackle.

Israel is arguably the most well-behaved (even if not perfect as no nation is) as can be in that region and is part of the intelligence and technology that has developed to keep the West safe. (probably you reading this) You use their technology every day (phones, laptops, devices that allow you to voice your disapproval of Israel, etc.) and don’t even know it. If that’s upsetting please give them to me immediately. All these groups should be spending more time in efforts to fight against the governments that instill hate or don’t care about their own people, which is why they all eventually migrate in the first place.

Another option would be for these groups to stop contributing, celebrating, or appeasing the violence so that a peace discussion can actually lead to realistic improvements. Speaking of desiring improvements, why are you not mad that at least Saudi Arabia, the head of the UN Human Rights Council (more irony), is not joining Europe and the US in the refugee effort? They alone could take 3 million in the empty, but well-equipped city of Mina, but instead they offer money for mosques in Germany. Where is their solidarity with the Muslim people? Where are these leaders’ arrest warrants? Why the double standard for the one country that makes some efforts for the planet and to evolve and yet zero expectations for their neighbors? Today Syria, tomorrow…? Where is the reinforcement to be a better nation for them? Is any of this news?

Nothing going on should be surprising you. At least now you know we don’t control the media, the same one you’ll boast about being part of the problem in our society, yet you too are guilty of buying into. I believe your anger is misguided. You can disagree with my statements, but my questions are logical. I am so glad that Israel exists otherwise maybe the polls would be asking “which of all do you prefer to take if any?”.  Think about that. Ironically, the few Jews I have met this past year in Miami have been both French and Belgian…and they all saw this coming.

But alas there is Israel, the only government that I know won’t give into the peer pressure…”the bullying”. A government that looks to protect its people even if they don’t always succeed. This is why more people flow in than out as opposed to its neighbors. After more than 2000 years of anti-Semitism that have repeatedly and historically eliminated Jews, the world is mad because they have the ability to defend themselves. Terrorism in France is terrorism in Israel.

And then while the world condemns them and allows the rest of the world to get away with a slap of a wrist, the world has the audacity to criticize how strong Israelis react even in their speech alone. It’s okay when any other country does “it” [insert action here], but when it’s Israel “it’s something else.” That’s fine, exercise your freedom of speech, but don’t think you’re any less ignorant than those you speak of. This obsessive focus with being anti-Israel or speaking in anti-Semitic terms helps the very radicals that no one wants to live with on this planet. Remember this.

My message is quite simple: when you are part of that less than 1% of a group on this planet, you cannot allow/afford these things to go unnoticed because sadly there are also people who are not the labeled terrorists on TV that are also spreading old age lies and hate that impact our entire group because NO people don’t know any better. Take a good look on your newsfeed, I might be the only one giving this perspective because most Jews I talk to think there’s no point in trying and that it will fall on deaf ears. All I ask is to give mine the benefit of your doubt because I don’t think anyone is getting the full picture. You don’t have to believe me as I too don’t believe everything I read. Too many people believed the same ideas during the Holocaust, but that didn’t make them right. I encourage anyone reading this to look up some of the topics I brought up. At the end of the day, I will stand with a world that will stand with me and that’s all I know right now. As Simon Wiesenthal once said “what starts with the Jews never finishes with them.” So I sincerely hope that somewhere in this exchange of ideas and speech that you do not forget about us. Remember us.

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