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The hypocrisy of the world press is nothing less than anti-Semitism

International film festival in Cannes, France on May 18, 2014. (Alastair Grant / AP photo)
International film festival in Cannes, France on May 18, 2014. (Alastair Grant / AP photo)

On the night between April 14 and 15, 2014, the whole world was struck with loud astonishment, 276 high school girls aged 16-18 were kidnapped by the extremist Islamic organization “Boko Haram”, in an incredibly pre-planned terrorist act, the members of the terrorist organization broke into the school and loaded 276 girls onto trucks, that their only sin was that they went to school in the morning.

In the weeks and months after the kidnapping, a global campaign began under the slogan “BRING OUR GIRLS BACK“. Every celebrity tweeted a selfie with the hashtag – Michelle Obama, Pope Francis, Sylvester Stallone and Ellen DeGeneres. Everyone was talking about the young girls. International awareness soared, heads of state deployed military forces, drones and sophisticated intelligence means.

International film festival in Cannes, France on May 18, 2014. (Alastair Grant / AP photo)

The British BBC network covered their abduction on special broadcasts into the night and extensively – when they cancel and firmly refuse to interview any of the spokesmen of the murderous organization.

Today, almost a full decade after the kidnapping of the girls (a story that ended with 112 girls still missing), another shocking case happens and on October 7, about 240 innocent civilians are kidnapped from Israel to the Gaza Strip and more then 1,200 are killed.

From one-year-old babies to children aged 7-8, boys and girls aged 15-16, children whose parents were murdered and they themselves were kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. The world was expected to respond with the same shock and pain as it did a decade ago, but instead, a thundering and shaking silence. Silence that proves a second time – this is not standing by the “Palestinian pain” but distinct anti-Semitism.

Less than a day after the attack, in a review of what the non-Jewish celebrities brought up, we find only vague sentences like “black days”, “praying for peace in the region”, with zero condemnation of the terrorist organization Hamas. With zero mention of the 240 abducted (babies, children, women and men).

Putting aside the celebrities from whom nothing is expected despite their role as public influencers, the real horror unfolded on the British BBC network and this after the network refused and refuses even at this moment to call Hamas a terrorist organization, (the network presents them as “militants”, or as a legitimate resistance organization).

For the BBC, the rape of women and girls, the kidnapping of female and infant children, the killing of approximately 1,250 innocent citizens (including those with British citizenship) are all legal and legitimate activities that do not belong to terrorism.

On October 17, ten days after the start of the murderous terrorist attack, a rocket falls on the hospital in the Ziytun neighborhood in Gaza, killing dozens of civilians. The world rushes to condemn Israel and blame the fall of the rocket. The BBC is already accusing Israel of genocide and calling for global condemnation. But soon the IDF spokesman, in collaboration with the American Pentagon, publishes documents (photos and a video) that prove that the rocket was a rocket launched from Gaza by the “Islamic Jihad” organization that failed to launch towards Israel and landed inside Gaza territory.

An explanation released by the IDF spokesperson

Only two whole days later, after all the incitement. The BBC released a short and marginal message from a presenter at the news company in which they explain that there was a mistake.
Without any caption on the screen, as if it were a marginal note.

The war will end one day, but history will remember, the BBC and their ilk in the world press will be a black spot in history, they will be on the side of those who sided with murderous terrorists. The ridiculous claims that this is sympathy or sensitivity to the Palestinians are ridiculous. For not standing by every country in the world that is going through things like the state of Israel is going through.

There is only one explanation. Antisemitism and the thought that Jewish blood is not equal to any other blood.

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