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The Iran deal just got worse

If the fact that sanctions on arms sales to Iran will be lifted in five years was not bad enough, or that the sale of ballistic weapons will be permitted three years later is not frightening, the Iran deal just got worse.

Associated Press reports that in a secret agreement between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, inspections of the disputed Parchin military site will be carried out by Iranians themselves.

This site has been always been suspected as one of the sites of Iran’s secret nuclear developments. CNN was reporting this in 2012.

To allow Iran to inspect its own nuclear facilities is like allowing a murder suspect to take a blood sample at a murder scene.

American politics can often leave the outsider in bewilderment. The thought of Donald Trump as a candidate for the Republicans blurs the lines between frightening and amusing. Even more curious is how J Street, that claims to be pro Israel and pro peace, can openly mislead its supporters. If Labor and Likud both oppose this deal, who does J Street actually represent?

Given the AP revelations, J Street’s latest propaganda piece could be considered amusing if the subject was not so serious.

Today liberals in the USA are being spun a line that is malicious and manipulative.

Support the deal or there will be a war — not true. The deal makes a war more likely.

Better a bad deal than no deal. When has that rule ever applied? If you ever want to rent an apartment and were offered a bad contract by the landlord, most would walk out.

If you are against the deal, you are Republican. This claim is also not true. The opposite. Anybody who is against war would oppose the lifting of arms sales to Iran. The only person to support Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

The irony is that whilst the supporters of the agreement scramble to explain its secret clauses. The message from the Ayatollah remains unchanged

Maybe J Street should start listening to him.

The lesson of Jewish history must be, that when people say they want to kill you, believe them, and, I would add, stop them.

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