The Islamic State of Terror in Gaza

ISRAEL IS FIGHTING AGAINST THE ISLAMIC STATE OF GAZA—an extreme incarnation of ISIS right next to the southern border of the only democracy in the entirety of the Middle East. This state of terror has built hundreds of kilometers of tunnels underneath the territory of Gaza, to hide command posts, safe-houses, weapon-laboratories, and execution chambers.

After getting almost two decades of aid from the world, this state of terror invested all its energy into building a subterranean civilization of evil in order to protect itself from legitimate Israeli-counterattacks after launching rockets indiscriminately and conducting lethal raids against the state of Israel.

This proves that Gaza cannot be allowed to be controlled by terrorists any longer; it is far too dangerous to be left to its own devices. Whoever rules it is not the point–but ISIS type organizations cannot be allowed to maintain a stranglehold over this piece of land.

Fundamentally, it’s about national security: either Israel remains secure, safe, and sane, or there are perpetual terror risks emanating from this radical Islamic state of death. To achieve the former Gaza’s terrorists must be permanently removed from existence.

Israel must annihilate the Islamic state of Gaza, and make the terrorists pay a penalty that everyone remembers; so that this evil state of hate never dreams of another terrorist attack like what happened on October 7 or what ISIS did to the Yazidis and the Shias in Iraq, or what Al-Qaeda did to the United States of America on September 11, 2001.

The whole world–all the innocents killed by Islamists and terrorists on false charges of blasphemy, apostasy, or something as minor as shaving the beard–is counting on Israel to finish terror in its nests. Experts agree that global terrorism draws inspiration from the acts of Palestinian terror that has been perpetuated for decades against the state of Israel. For instance, this report clearly quotes Osama Bin Laden linking his 9/11 attack as being due to his outrage over the mere existence of the state of Israel![1]

This is evidence that fundamentally as long as global terrorists believe there is a chance that the state of Palestine can be established, they will continue launching attacks and inspiring hate throughout their activities. Furthermore, there is enormous evidence that weakness invites attacks, whilst strength deters terrorists.

To prevent another October 7 like attack, or even worse, for instance an attack with chemical or biological or even nuclear weapons i.e., a dirty bomb type device by extremists and terrorists from Gaza, the totality of all terrorist infrastructure as well as the fighters and killers must be removed from power. Terror groups cannot be allowed to rule people and land, with power to extract economic resources through taxation, as well capturing aid from foreign states and organizations. This all requires the posting of permanent military command centers by the IDF to control the territory of Gaza through force so that military threats are contained, monitored, and destroyed.

Apologists for terrorism will find all sorts of reasons for why Israel must not demilitarize the terrorist state of Gaza–but the state of Israel is not obliged to allow foreigners to determine their internal security calculus especially since outsiders do not have to live next to rockets attacks, suicide squads, and mass-shootings that kill hundreds in a matter of hours.

What kind of message does this send if protests outside of Israel are successful in preventing Israel from containing existential threats to the unity and safety and existence of the state itself?

Anyone that disagrees with this policy must be ignored, because they do not have to live next to Gaza–but Israel has no choice but live in the land given to us by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The ends justify the means in this case, and this is basically a fact of life.

Never again shall terror be allowed to happen in Israel–never must something similar or even smaller than a knife attack be tolerated in all the territory that rightfully belongs to the state of Israel.

Never now, not ever again, will terror succeed against freedomdemocracy, and human dignity and love of life. Israel wants life for itself not death, unlike the enemy, which only wants to kill, kill, and kill.

About the Author
Zalghi Khan is a former investment banker, who is currently training to become an accountant. He is the author of ten books, and specializes in economics, finance, and geopolitical issues. For him it is important to provide convincing answers to pressing questions, especially as it relates to global economic matters.