The Jew and the exile.Episode 1

The Jew and the exile. It does not matter whether the exile was in Poland or in Morocco, or Russia, or Yemen. There was the same dream, called the Return to Zion. And the Jew sat in the exile, with fear and terror, and humiliation, and dreamed of a day when he would leave the terror, the fear, the humiliation, and come home to his own State, where he would live without fear, and without terror and humiliation.

So today thanks G-d’s mercy and Jewish sacrifice there is a State. You can come home. There is no terror, there is no fear. One Wednesday 10:50, in the morning years ago, Jerusalem, the capital city, on Jaffa road the main street, opposite the main post office, with hundreds of people, milling about, around the corner of main police station, an Arab walked over to where five Jews were sitting at the bus 19 bus stop, and murdered two of them and wounded three.

There is no fear and no terror in the Jewish State. When the crowd chased the Arab and caught him, the police waited with clubs and teargas make sure that he was not dealt with. After the terrorist attack, he sat in prison, ate at our expense, and he was waiting for a trial. Jews are afraid today to go to the Western Wall through Damascus Gate. They’re afraid to go through the Arab area.

To be continued…

About the Author
Ariel Lekaditis was born in Athens. He has graduated from University of Haifa on Holocaust Studies and he is volunteer on Yad Vashem. He focuses on antisemitism topics particularly in Greece.He is online activist against antisemitism and antizionism.
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