The Jewish Condition: The Two State Solution And Assimilation: Not Too Different

Throughout history, Jews have been an extremely volatile people. At times they have stubbornly practiced their religion literally to the death while at others, they have abandoned their heritage and repudiated any associations with the religion that has brought upon them nothing but misery. This latter phenomenon is known as assimilation.

After their exile from the land of Israel, Jews never quite constituted a settled population. When not expelled from country to country, they were socially exiled and vilified. Populations were bombarded with lies so incessantly that even many Jews feared any association with their true identity.

The end result was a tragic one. History witnessed a culturally rich and proud nation morphed into an all-too-often ashamed people desperate to curry favour with their host nations, subservient to the will and temperament of any given government.

Students of the Holocaust are often fascinated by the fact that even the most assimilated Germans, even those who inter-married, did not escape the eye of the Nazis. Such people often boasted of their “un-Jewish” credentials. But it achieved little. Forced to lower their heads as Jews, many often regarded Judaism as an uncomfortable, obsolete and shameful anachronism contrary to everything German.  Seemingly, the obstinate “remnants” of religious Jews were tarnishing the reputation of those adapting to modernity. These remnants were quite simply extremists. Yet the disassociation from tradition, from belief in heritage and all that defined Jews did nothing to alleviate the murderous plans to which they ultimately fell victim.

For the past 50 years or so, Jews, and indeed the entire world, have witnessed a relentless diplomatic assault contending that due to their own obstinate belief that they, as a people, are entitled by right, history and law to a homeland inclusive of Judea and Samaria, are somehow responsible for all the ills that have and will befall them. This falsehood has been propagated just as rigorously on the world stage as all other falsehoods disseminated about Jews in the pre-1948 period.

The result is just as tragic and potentially more disastrous in the long term. Jews in the Diaspora have increasingly turned their backs on Israel and are extremely prone to condemning her for not pursuing the fanciful “two-state solution.” Moreover, many of those who consider themselves to be ardent supporters of Israel and its existence commonly invoke the notion of dividing the country for peace. Sadly, many Jews seem now to be distancing themselves from the country  as an embarrassment – particularly when it undertakes to eradicate existential threats.

Because the world has implied as much so consistently, Jews often subscribe to the dogma that Israel is at best a stubborn state, at worst a cruel pariah in the international community which consistently circumvents international  law. It has become a shameful stain which is tarnishing the reputation of Jews who do not wish to see their Jewish identity associated with Israel’s actions. Once again, having heard the lie so frequently, they choose to adopt the popular view in order to sever “shameful” ties with Israel.  Yet Israel is inextricably linked with Jewish identity and such Jews are fully aware of it.

Indeed, cracking under the intolerable pressure which the world places upon Israel, we are witnessing a new generation of Jewry, mainly, although certainly not exclusively, Diaspora Jewry, which is repeating the same type of questions as those who wished to demonstrate their “Germaness.” Having heard the falsehoods so frequently, rights to existence absurdly becomes a subject worthy of discussion. Perhaps if Jews just agree to compromising on territories so integral to its historic and religious roots, not to mention strategically vital for its security, they can allay the concerns and grievances of the world and our enemies in the region – so the theory goes.

Much like those religious remnants in the pre-state era, suddenly those who stand by the very principles that made us a nation and oppose dividing our homeland are seen as far-rightist, they are extremists and are in no way representative of mainstream Jewish opinion.

It is not the author’s intention to pass judgment on those who assimilate voluntarily, but it seems particularly tragic if they do so purely in order to mollify the prejudices of the country in which they reside. The same applies to countenancing the division of Israel. The so-called “two-state solution” is simply another form of old-style assimilation of Jewry. The only difference is that Jews never lent support to the conspicuously hateful style of Nazi anti-Semitism. And yet because the two-state solution is falsely presented under the guise of humanitarianism and peace, Jews too often support it.

They do so without asking the most basic questions. How many of us know that there are formidable legal grounds on which Jewish resettlement of Judea and Samaria is based? And yet too often we believe automatically and accept the idea that “settlements” are illegal. How many of us know the simple fact that 80% of Palestine was already handed over to the Palestinians, who now constitute roughly the same percentage of the population in their own Palestinian state now called Jordan?

As was the case with old-fashioned anti-Semitism, poisonous indoctrination employed at a sufficiently potent level inevitably produces intoxicated minds and catastrophic results. It is in no way radical or fear-mongering to assert that should Jews continue to turn their back on the one guardian which will never turn its back on them, which will forever unconditionally open its borders to them, they could, quiet conceivably, be partially responsible for a division of a country which would result in irreparable damage for the only Jewish state and nation.

Should the worst ever happen, should Israel disintegrate beneath the rubble of defeat because its chief strategic assets were gambled away by far away diplomatic speculators and politicians who had nothing to lose in their vain hopes that land concessions would engender peace, the world may apologize. But the damage will have been done and it will have been done so in no small part because of the myopic consent of deceived Jews.

About the Author
Alexander Apfel holds a BA and MA in Modern History. He is an IDF reservist in the armored corps.