The Jewish State of Israel

The bill being proposed by Netanyahu, and approved by the Israeli cabinet, to recognize and uphold Israel as the national state of the Jewish people, is more important than ever, not in spite of, but because of this volatile time in Israel’s history. (Was there ever a non-volatile time in Israel’s history?)

I therefore don’t agree with the premise held by some, that due to the inflamed and precarious atmosphere following the horrific slaughter that took place in a Har Nof synagogue and the killings, stabbings, and Palestinian violence that has been taking place in recent times, our response should be careful and measured so as not to ask for more trouble.

At a time when Israel is being vilified as a usurper and occupier of Palestinian land, and as a murderer of Palestinian children, at a time when Israel is accused of being an apartheid state, it is more important than ever to establish, reiterate and formalize Israel’s rightful place as the homeland of the Jewish people.

While making it clear that Israel is the land of the Jews, this bill also allows for equal rights for each of its citizens. Those who want to live in Israel as loyal citizens should have no problem with this.

Witness the good relations Israelis have with the Druze people, for example, whose loyalty is welcomed and respected. Indeed they have earned the right to be citizens of Israel. They serve in the Israeli army, are part of the Israeli police force, and have shown their loyalty by putting their lives on the line to serve their country.

All of Israel mourned for the young Druze police officer tragically killed while trying to save the lives of the worshipers at the Har Nof synagogue, and preventing even more bloodshed from occurring.

Israel is a Jewish, democratic state. The lie disseminated throughout college campuses that the Jewish people have no right to be living in “stolen Palestinian land” must be exposed and dispelled. It cannot be allowed to continue to fester and spread until history is erased and rewritten, Goebbels style.

There are those that maintain that the backlash that might occur is just not worth it. Yet no matter what Israel does, it will never please or appease the Palestinian people and their sympathizers, who go as far as saying that the Jews are the actual Nazis and the state of Israel is committing a Holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Those comparing Israelis to Nazis and the “plight” of the Palestinian people to the Holocaust should watch some footage of what the real holocaust looked like. It is an affront to all Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis that their descendants are now being vilified and put into the same category as those ruthless murderers who in just a few years managed to gas and kill six million Jews before their attempts at exterminating an entire race were finally thwarted.

At a time when a flag of ISIS waved on college campuses, gets no reaction, while a flag of Israel is deemed an affront, arousing vile, hateful comments, and violent confrontations, it is more important than ever to let the truth be heard. Israel has the right to be recognized as the legal and G-d given home of the Jewish people.

This will not please many who would like Israel to cease to exist. But in spite of Israel’s efforts to maintain goodwill, in spite of all that the Jewish people have contributed for the good and advancement of humanity, we continue throughout the ages to not please many. This should not prevent us from claiming our rightful heritage, the Jewish State of Israel.

About the Author
Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.