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The Jews of USA are facing a voting dilemma

The tragedy of October 07 in Israel triggered a virulent and unjustified hatred toward the state of Israel and Jewish people. The leftist policies and overall attitudes of Democratic Party are to blame for this explosion of antisemitism which brings back memories of the hatred of Jews in Germany in 1930th.

After having experience with both political systems: the socialism of Karl Marx and free market economy of capitalism of Adam Smith the author is perplexed how can highly educated and seemingly smart Jews of USA support and vote for the Democratic Party of USA. In the discussions with the friends the author often asks this question. Some people note it is a generational thing: their great-grandparents were voting for the Democrats and this attitude continues in the family. Some people mention may be some Jews still have grievances related to the action of Republican Party in the past. Maybe the affinity of Jews to the Democratic Party is related to their belief this party is more liberal and represent the values of Judaism.  In the minds of many Jewish voters the Democratic Party is more attune to the notion of “Tikkun Olam”, which means to repair the world. The idea of repairing the world is part of the ethical moral makeup of American Jews.

The rot of antisemitism in the Democratic Party is spreading from up down and from down up.

The degrade from up down is evident by reviewing the presidency of Barak Obama. The President Obama’s terms in the office are characteristic of condescending and disrespectful attitude towards the state of Israel and to the history of Jews. “Biden has picked up where Obama left off, reversing President Trump’s pro-Israel policies” (Levin M, 2023, p.103.) The Biden’s administration has supplied Iran, the financer and political boss of Hamas, with ten billion by introducing the sanctions waiver.  This money went to Hamas to build the sophisticated tunnels and on various arms.  The help by Biden’s administration to Israel at the present can’t compensate for the support by  the Democratic leadership toward terrorist Iranian regime.

The rot of antisemitism from down up is represented by members of House of Representative from Democratic Party called a squad who are openly antisemitic and anti-Israel.

The group of organizations and individuals, representing the Democratic Party Jews haters from down up, includes many universities, Black Lives Matter, parties such as Democratic Socialists of America, Working Families Party and other left oriented entities whose ideology is based on teachings of Karl Marx. The modified version of Marxism is the Critical Race Theory where the word class is replaced with the word race. Christopher Rufo, {2021) stated “critical race theory become the default ideology in our public institutions over past decade”. The ideological foundation of Black Lives Matter (BLM) is based on Marxist Critical Race Theory introduced to BLM by founders of the organization, three devoted Marxist.

The university students indoctrinated with the ideology of Critical Race Theory see the Jews as white, privileged and oppressors and, in their minds, it is justifiable to fight the Jews and to destroy the state of Israel.

The author watched on the Fox network Mark R. Levin’s show “Life, Liberty and Levin”. Mr. Levin was interviewing Alan Dershowitz, a highly respected lawyer. Mr. Dershowitz’s answers were full of love and compassion toward the state of Israel and Jewish people. It is impossible for him not to see the antisemitic rot and the growing hatred of Jews in the Democratic Party. Being a lifelong Democrat will Mr. Dershowitz vote for a Republican candidate? Will many American Jews change their voting pattern?

The author is a retired health care worker from Canada who on December 04, 2023 flew to Ottawa to participate in a rally in support of Israel.

About the Author
I am a retired health care worker from Canada who is acutely aware of the serious situation the State of Israel is experiences at the present. I fly from Calgary to Ottawa on December 4,2023 to be part of the rally in the support of state of Israel and in the support of the release of the hostages.
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