Shimon Sheves

The Lies That are Paving The Way to Total Loss

We have all passed the posters warning of impending doom and destruction. The State of Israel is sinking into a devastating low and is facing the most terrible crossroads it has known since the War of Independence. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is the sole cause of the doom we are heading to. It is he who is solely responsible for the policy of strengthening Hamas and establishing its power in Gaza over the past 17 years. And he, and unfortunately also the security forces, are responsible for the terrible failure (on October 7th) in which civilians were raped, murdered, and massacred. His failed responsibility exacts a high price with the enormous and painful loss of soldiers, and has also led to an impossible and nerve-racking wait for the kidnapped civilians to be returned home. 120,000 citizens of the State of Israel were abandoned in the south and north and became refugees, without any government entity to take care of them.

The ripples of the lack of Netanyahu’s responsibility are being felt even further, with the worsening of relations with the only nation that has ever supported us on such an unprecedented scale, and the one without which our real security net in the Middle East would be lost. We are stumbling through a tunnel that leads to oblivion, and the only possible way out in a democratic state is to go back to the citizens and ask them to have their say in an election.

In recent months, Israel’s special relationship with America has collapsed, with the background being an absolute lack of trust on the part of the American administration. Unfortunately, the situation is not surprising at all. It is common knowledge that Americans traditionally dislike lies and dishonesty, and when they are consistently and persistently placed before them, the result will obviously be severe disappointment. Americans are willing to deal with cultural gaps regarding attitudes and opinions, which have appeared occasionally over the decades. However, they are not willing to have their trust broken.

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This time, however, the knife tearing apart the fabric of our relationship is mainly the “policy of cowardice,” which is reflected in the government’s inability to make decisions. The diplomatic failure is causing the collapse of the tower of trust that is expanding in America, as we also lose confidence in the US Senate and Congress, which in the past were a central beacon of support for Israel.

We are in a situation we have never been in before, and as we continue to move along the same trajectory, we get farther from a solution. The threat of cutting off contact with America is already creating uncertainty in the security circles. Without American involvement in our region, Israel has no way of ending the war correctly in Gaza, or of creating deterrence vis-à-vis the Iranians and their proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah. At most, we can wag our tails, bomb and shell, but without American support, we will not be able to create real deterrence, like the one created by sending the two aircraft carriers to the Middle East.

The second circle of loss of trust is internal; it sits within us. It is most powerfully symbolized by the 120,000 citizens who were removed from their homes, without finding a permanent solution for the past several months. They are straggling between two uncertain worlds – risking themselves by entering dangerous areas on a daily basis in order to make a living from agriculture, and returning to temporary shelter, which has unfortunately become permanent.
There is no entity in the country that specifically deals with the residents of the kibbutzim, moshavim, and cities near the border. 120,000 residents have been abandoned, and the feeling of abandonment spreads like wildfire. If they are abandoned today, who says we won’t be the ones abandoned tomorrow?!

The slogans we’ve fallen in love with, such as “Together We Will Win” or “Unite the Ranks,” don’t hold water when the government is lax and doesn’t know where it’s headed. The call that needs to be heard now is how long the government of malice and destruction will remain in Jerusalem, holding in vain the flag of power. Unfortunately, there is no hope within the Knesset, and no real alternative exists.

This reality brings me back to the period after the Yom Kippur War, when a group of people, headed by Reserve Officer Moti Ashkenazi, boldly took to the streets in a fierce and long protest that led to the overthrow of the government headed by Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan. Although they won the elections, they were found unfit to continue running the State of Israel and stepped down. Therefore, even today, the battle must return to the streets.

My message: Take to the streets, dear brothers, and demonstrate regularly, fiercely, and resolutely. The “country that we lost” in November 1995, when Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, is collapsing. Our historic role is to stop the chaos! We must show respect to the generation of parents and grandparents who dreamed and realized the Zionist vision, and thanks to them, we are here. Our generation must not be complicit in the terrible devastation into which the government is dragging us.

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Shimon Sheves was General Director of the Prime Minister's office under the late Yizhak Rabin. He is currently the Founder and Chairman of HolistiCyber, which provides nation-state level cyber security solution.
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