The little date that could

Once upon a time, a Writer Girl from Jerusalem was at war with her art. And so, when she read in an enewsletter from Jeff Goins that her story was powerful (he may have said it very well could be powerful but let’s not cloud the issue with details), she rolled her eyes (she seemed to be doing that quite a lot lately) and decided to test the theory.

On a date.

This kind of date:

Meet the protagonist.
Meet the protagonist.
The protagonist looks like many of his friends, as you can see here.

She took the bag of dates out of the freezer and ate them. But that, not before she’d taking a couple of pictures (seen above) of the dates. The “before” shots, one might call them.

They were delicious, if a little dry on the tongue. Then the Haunted Writer made a video of the date pit walking back and forth on her windowsill.

Frau Writer did not even use music in her video because the story speaks for itself. She understood that the story, indeed, was powerful.

The End.

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