The Lost 19 Years

As a result of the Arab invasion of Israel on the day of its birth there have been numerous changes in the geography of the 22% that was left of the original British Mandate over Palestine.

The original borders of the mandatory territory included all of pre-1967 Israel,  the Golan Heights, the “West Bank”, of the Jordan River, the Gaza Strip, and what is now known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan-a piece of real estate, promised by international treaty for the “close settlement of Jews on the land”  that is roughly the size of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Jordan River, in actuality, flows through this land’s center, it does not delineate any border.

In 1922, an act of outright theft and subterfuge by the imperialist regime of  the United Kingdom, whose arch-criminal Foreign Sec’y, Winston Churchill, as he stated, “in a garden in Jerusalem,” separated 78% of the mandate from the Jewish people and handed it over to Abdullah, the Hashemite, a refugee from the Hejaz (today, Sa’udi Arabia) from where he, and his cousin, Faisal (made king of Iraq by the same British criminals) had fled before having their heads removed by a Sa’udi saber. All the lands east of the Jordan River were stolen from the Jewish people.

The remaining land, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, were reserved for the building of the Jewish homeland as incorporated into the Articles of the Mandate.  The San Remo Treaty of 1920, where delegates from Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the United States, in accordance with the League of Nations Resolution agreed  to the granting  of the mandate for Palestine to Britain. Prior to this document, the lands of the former Ottoman Empire that constituted  “Palestine” were known as the O.E. T. A ( Occupied Enemy Territory Administration) . The very basis for that grant of imperial management was based on British promises to the Jewish people that were part of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and is, itself, written into the very articles of the mandate.

However, after 30 years of incredibly incompetent mismanagement, outright lies, broken promises and murder, the British. in 1947, handed over the reigns of this inept and criminal administration to the new United Nations. Britain was bankrupted by the World War, facing massive insurrection in India, as well as severe rationing of food and fuel in England itself and the tremendous cost of maintaining a force of 100,000 troops in “Palestine” (that was equivalent to 20% of the Jewish population-as though there were 60 MILLION troops for every 5 American citizens) and saw that their empire was doomed to collapse.They also believed that the UN would, or could, not come to a satisfactory resolution of the problems in the area and beg, and probably finance their continuing presence in Palestine.

The General Assembly of the UN, sent a fact finding commission to the area, known as UNSCOP ( United Nations Special Commission on Palestine) to investigate  and report on the situation. These 11 representatives were given carte blanche to go anywhere in the territory and ask questions of both natives and the leadership of the Jewish Agency and, representing the Arabs in the mandate, the Arab Higher Committee.

The Jewish Agency co-operated fully, assigning men like the late Abba Eban ( later Israel’s ambassador to both the USA and the UN and Foreign Minister) and Moshe Shertok (later, Sharett, Israel;s first Foreign minister and second Prime Minister) to accompany these delegates all over the Jewish communities and show them whatever they wished.

They journeyed to Tel Aviv, saw factories and farms, spoke with innumerable citizens, and even met with Chaim Weizmann and David Ben Gurion, who later became, respectively, Israel’s first president and prime minister.

The Arab Higher Committee, headed by the war criminal, the mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who spent the war years in Berlin as Hitler’s guest and helped to form a division of Moslem SS to fight alongside the Nazis in the Balkan states, boycotted the committee and would not allow any Arab leader to meet with them. Arab leaders of local villages, businessmen and townspeople were threatened with death for even sitting with these UN representatives.

To demonstrate the total ignorance of the true situation on the ground at the time, after visiting a kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley, several of the members of UNSCOP wanted to visit an Arab kibbutz!

In any event, these 11 men, who were called the “11 Lonely Pilgrims,” returned to New York and presented yet another plan to partition the land between Jews and Arabs.  This was the famous partition resolution voted on November 29th, 1947, that not only divided this postage stamp slice of land between the Jordan River and the sea, but, hold on to your hats, officially recognized the Jewish claim to the land by international law. The city of Jerusalem, where 20% of the Jews in the mandate lived, was denied to the Jews and made into a “corpus seperatum” a “divided body” to be put under international control. This demonstrates the willingness of the Zionist leadership to come to a compromise, however painful, to renew Jewish independence.

This resolution was passed by 33 votes in favor, 13 against (all Arab countries except for China and Greece) and 10 abstentions, including Great Britain. This was also the first time, and probably one of the very few, where the United States and the USSR voted together in the same issue.

I am not going to discuss the geopolitical ramifications here, if your really want to read an excellent study of this vote, I highly recommend, “The Birth of Israel-The Tousled Diplomatic Bed” by Herbert Feis.

After the Holocaust, with hundreds of thousands of European Jews languishing in refugee camps all over the continent and behind barbed wire in English concentration camps on Cyprus, the Jewish Agency, on behalf of the Zionist movement and the Jews in the mandate, accepted the truncation of their inheritance once again. The Arabs called the partition lines, “a line of fire and blood,” and launched a war against the nascent state by cutting off roads, choking off settlements, murdering Jews wherever they could and planting bombs and creating havoc throughout the mandate. This period, from November, 1947 until May, 1948, was characterized by the influx of tens of thousands of irregular Arab forces entering the land without hindrance by the British, who were still responsible for maintaining law and order, who however was continuing to conduct a despicable war on Jewish refugees attempting to enter their homeland by seizing ships full of desperate refugees and continuing to confiscate the arms in the hands of Jewish underground groups, leaving many communities defenseless against Arab attacks.

On May 14th, 1948, the State of Israel arose and was immediately attacked by the armies of five Arab nations which crossed the partition line granted the Jewish state.  NOTE:Just as  the American Declaration of Independence, there is no mention of borders made in Israel’s founding declaration as the leadership knew that war was upon them. The Arabs had made clear their intent to destroy Israel aborning through oratory and print media. Since invasion was imminent, it was unnecessary to delineate any lines that would make defending the new state more difficult and dangerous. Every assault had to be repelled wherever it would take place  Indeed, there were already foreign troops from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq inside the territories granted to the Jews. David Ben Gurion was quoted as he saw Israelis dancing in the streets on that night, “Tonight they are dancing, tomorrow they will be bleeding.”:

Israel’s War of Independence lasted until the armistice agreements were signed on the island of Rhodes in March, 1949. These ceasefire lines, for they were determined by the placement of  armed forces at that date, were never intended to be permanent borders, but only to be a respite from the conflict till peace treaties could be negotiated. Israel signed these agreements with Egypt, which remained in occupation of the Gaza Strip and Trans-Jordan, whose forces had seized the “West Bank” of the Jordan River and the Old City of Jerusalem. MARK, that Egypt and Trans-Jordan came into possession of these lands by result of their war of aggression on Israel. If you doubt my use of the word, “aggression,”  remember that Trygve Lie, the Sec’y General of the UN at the time, called the Arab invasion of Israel, “the first armed aggression since the end of the war in 1945.”

Therefore, from 1948-1967 the very lands that today are being considered as “Palestinian” territory for a future state were occupied by ARAB NATIONS for 19 years. Where were the international demands and outcry for a “Palestinian” state then when there was not a SINGLE JEW living in either of those territories? Where were the statesmen claiming the “natural right to self determination for the Palestinian people” when those very same folks, called refugees, were living under ARAB flags? If Jerusalem was such a vital city to become the capital of a “Palestinian State” why didn’t the Hashemite monarch, who claimed to be a descendant of Mohammed, move his capital from Ammann to Jerusalem? If the Egyptians and the Jordanians claim they went to war. not only to destroy Israel, but to “protect the rights of the Palestinian people”  why did they not grant them the statehood that they yearn for now when they had the same lands under their own flags?

Before there was a Ma’aleh Adumim, where I live now, before there was a Jew praying at the Kotel Ha’Ma’aravi (Western Wall), before there was a SodaStream plant in Mishor Adumim or a single Jewish house in Jerusalem’s Old City or a Jewish family living in Hevron, why did the Palestine Liberation Organization come about in 1964 in Cairo, Egypt, led by an Egyptian born engineering student named Yasser Arafat? What were they planning to liberate then? Gaza? Ramallah?

From 1964 onwards, the PLO, the same terrorist cabal that today demands the dismantling of Israel, that claims suzerainty over Judea, Shomron and calls for the de-Judaization of Jerusalem, has always intended to destroy Israel and slaughter the Jewish citizens of that state, For why did it not call for a state when their brother Arabs already had those very same lands under Arab flags? Because if they had done that, they would have been exposed as the murdering thugs that they are, with only one purpose, to liquidate ALL Jewish presence in Israel. and eradicate its existence.

For 19 years, the United Nations and many countries have supported this evil organization, now known as the Palestinian Authority, with billions of dollars, pounds and euros taken  from the pockets of hard working citizens of their respective countries to support a myth and a travesty of justice. This, the world’s longest case of welfare fraud and penury, when it is the Arab states themselves that denied these so-called “Arab refugees” the independence that they call for now. Only now, their calls are a paean for Jewish blood and the destruction of Israel.

From their own defeats in war they have adopted new tactics to carve Israel into pieces to make her more vulnerable to their insatiable demand for her lifeblood. They lost their opportunity for statehood when they answered the compromise of November, 1947 with invasion and brigandage. They openly declared their enmity for the international community and then, like a baby with a tantrum, stamped their feet and wailed to the world that they were cheated. Well, they should have turned on their fellow Arabs 66 years ago, and now, that Israel, in a defensive was against the same invading armies of 1948, has sworn to survive, and that makes them  angrier and madder and makes their crybaby temper tantrum so loud, that the world wants to give them a lollipop called Israel, to shut them up.

Well, Israel is not a lollipop nor a Christmas turkey to be carved up and served to avaricious, hungry murdering thugs and international thieves. If these “Palestinians” want a country, then let them take it from the people that denied it to them in 1948. I would gladly let them have Gaza and the Hashemite Kingdom, it’s a lot more land then they would have gotten in 1947.

Just as another recommendation for an excellent and scholarly written military history of all Israel’s wars from 1948 through the Yom Kippur War of 1973, one of the best books ever written on the subject by a world renown historian of many military conflicts is “Elusive Victory” by US General Trevor DuPuy.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.