The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s plan for Jewish perseverance and victory

What action can we take that would legitimately be effective in the face of the murderous violence across Israel? What response is there to the aura of pain and bewilderment each attack leaves in its wake. How can we navigate the daily responsibilities we carry, our jobs, our family life, and still respond meaningfully to the open wounds of our people?

The first thing is, you do have the power to help end these attacks and I hope to illustrate that.

Responses to current events abound. There’s existential angst, forms of overwrought emotional expression, public opinion (i.e., media) battles, and intellectual or political analysis. While all legitimate and have an important place, they are not where a solution is likely at.

Orienting our thoughts toward how we can actually make things ‘better’ for our people in harms way is an important initial step. ‘Better’, meaning the literal end to these attacks. The question then is, how can we exercise our individual skills and abilities in the time we each have personally every day toward that end?

If you aren’t thinking along these lines because you don’t think you can make that kind of real tangible impact, then I’d like to suggest you are seriously underestimating yourself.

I only ask you to read the Rebbe’s plan as I’ve understood it and consider it carefully (some meditation would be great), before you move on.

It’s no secret the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s unequivocal position is that we are living in the time immediately preceding the Geula, the complete redemption of the Jews and all mankind. The Rebbe’s written and oral teachings which span over 40 years are saturated with teachings on every facet of redemption.

What’s of utmost relevance in our context today is the one area in the Rebbe’s teachings about Geula which is conspicuously mentioned most briefly.

Most if not all contemporary and historical authorities about the Geula include discussion on the great tribulations, judgments and war at the end of days (Gog and MaGog) before the time of unending good will commence. The Rebbe generally skirts all the gloom and doom, even teaching that the most foreboding prophecies of destruction are rather parables for the end (“destruction”) of self absorption, which will come about through our overt tangible experience of G-d in redemption.

What becomes clear in the Rebbe’s teaching is that he has provided a guide on how to achieve Geula B’Rachamim, redemption through mercy. In fact after poring over the Rebbe’s teachings about Moshiach and redemption for many years it’s strikingly evident to me the Rebbe’s overriding goal is to enable us to effect Geula B’Rachamim.

So how do we do it?

His plan is existential Jewish action and thought in the overt context of Moshiach and redemption.

What might that be and how could that end the attacks on Jews in Israel and bring redemption?

Existential Jewish action and thought in the Rebbe’s context of Geula B’Rachamim is embracing our Jewish identity as G-d’s uniquely chosen people (which is a bond with G-d beyond logic). Embracing our extreme proximity to redemption and need for Moshiach. Embracing our G-d given right to all the land of Israel without compromise. Then adding to our study of Torah and fulfillment of Mitzvos, specifically in the context of these. With the great overarching driver of studying and teaching about Moshiach and redemption as the most relevant proximate event.

I know it sounds like alot to understand and alot to do, but dont be intimidated. To condense it more it would be endeavoring to better our Jewish religious observance in the mindset that we are very close to redemption and the arrival of Moshiach.

How can any of that save one more Jew?

The Rebbe’s premise is that an abundance of Jewish hearts and minds invested in existential Jewish action and thought in the overt context of Moshiach and Geula B’Rachamim is what will provoke G-d to send Moshiach the quickest in great miracles and mercy.

In other words , the more Jewish people are thinking about Moshiach and redemption overtly and doing good things specifically in that context the quicker all the bad news will end. Our positive thoughts and actions really matter here. They matter the most right now when we are thinking and talking about Moshiach and Geula.

Aside from my basic trust in the Rebbe’s perspective, the ever building personal proof to me of the Rebbe’s premise is that external events are clearly pushing us into existential Jewish thought and action. He has asked us to be wise and endeavor to make this transformation ourselves. To proactively end the exile by our own investment of heart and mind in existential Jewish thought and action contextualized overtly by the topics of Geula and Moshiach.

Each of us has the power to do this in some way on the wavelength were at. To influence others to do the same, even if it simply means talking about Moshiach as a real near term positive event. The ripples of our seemingly small actions can quickly coalesce.

The Rebbe has enabled us to take our destiny into our own hands and bring Moshiach with great mercy. Please consider his perspective (apologies if I have made any errors in understanding it).

Hatzlocha Raba and may G-d end this exile without any more delays.

About the Author
Eli Soble is a research analyst for an options market making firm. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and five young children.
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