The Man in the Trench Coat

Sigmund Forst, Ben-Ami Scharfstein, G. Ephros, and Shilo, Children's Passover Haggadah 1945 Yeshiva University Museum, Wikimedia Commons

I examined the photograph of the man in the Nazi-style trench coat. It reminded me of coats worn by WWII German officers but without adornments or Nazi regalia.
This man wearing a trench coat, had a Hitler Youth haircut and stood on the steps of the United States Capitol.
I pictured the January 6th insurrectionists holding their “Trump 2020” signs and bashing the Capitol police on their heads, with those signs on those very steps.
The trench-coat man stood smiling next to three other guys.
I read the caption under the photo: GOP Congressman Matt Rosendale Poses with Neo-Nazis.
I asked, “Why is it that Republican Congress persons always seem to be posing with Neo-Nazis?”
“Who knows? But it is quite a coincidence.”
I remembered many photos of Herr Hitler wearing dull brown khaki trench coats.
I recalled watching WWII movies, in which black leather, trench-coat wearing Gestapo agents scared the hell out of me when the said, “Ve haff vays of making you talk.”
Even today, when I watch, “The Man in the High Castle” the Nazis wear trench coats.
So here’s my simple advice to Congressman Rosendale and his fellow Republican colleagues: Before you pose for photos with men in trench coats with Hitler Youth haircuts ask them, “By any chance, are you Neo-Nazis?
And if they say, “Yes,” look them square in the eyes and say, “F—off!”
For if you don’t, “Ve haff vays of taking care of Nazi lovers.”

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